Thursday, May 12, 2022

A New Look, A New Mission…A New HLTH

Jonathan WeinerFounder and Chief Executive Officer, HLTH


When HLTH launched in 2017, we embarked on an ambitious goal to disrupt the status quo for events within the healthcare industry. We set out to bring a new vision to healthcare events that embodied the industry’s highest aspirations for innovation and transformation, all while evolving the antiquated approaches that have existed for decades. 

As HLTH celebrates its 5th year, that early vision has been validated by the support we have received across the health ecosystem. Further, what started as a successful event launch has blossomed into a full-fledged community that embraces the entire health ecosystem, which now includes two major annual events, HLTH and ViVE; a suite of digital content of offerings, including HLTH GoLIVE Webinars, Announcement Spotlights, and the HLTH Matters blog and podcast; and the HLTH Foundation - a charitable organization working with the industry to close longstanding gaps in equity. 

Most important are the deep relationships HLTH has built that inform and inspire us to continually do better. We are proud of our multi-year relationships and the thoughtful, service mindset of the HLTH team that places stakeholder satisfaction above all and isn’t afraid to dream the impossible. These characteristics have become a mark of our brand and are reflected in HLTH’s direction, new logo and unique branding traits— modern, whimsical, welcoming, innovative.

Today, HLTH offers a comprehensive platform to support a new mission: to gather the health community in curated, purposeful engagements that accelerate healthcare innovation.

Healthcare is complex, and the community HLTH serves is multi-layered and consists of diverse individuals and organizations from around the world. Additionally, as the industry experiences a period of rapid change, one important adaptation HLTH is making to address these factors is a focus on audience journeys–tailoring pathways through content, programs and meetings based on a deeper learning about each population and individual that interacts with us. 

HLTH 2022 will reflect this journey and feature a number of new and exciting programs that illustrate these enhancements, including a special focus on an open and interactive floor plan with a goal of facilitating optimal networking opportunities. For example, content sessions will showcase the most exciting, compelling thinkers and industry leaders, with stages arranged around the exhibit floor to concentrate activity around a hub-and-spoke design that encourages attendees with similar interests to meet as they flow through the space. By contrast, stages organized by format rather than topic will intersperse movement of attendees with varied interests. Also, rather than hosting meals distant from the exhibits, sessions and programs, HLTH 2022 will offer smaller, more intimate cafe-style eateries around the floor making it easy to convene a quick meeting, or host a private event that’s visible and close to other activities. 

WELL by HLTH will launch as a new ‘event within an event’ for next-gen, consumer-focused health and wellness, addressing the significant shift to holistic and preventative care. With a dedicated content program and show floor footprint, WELL by HLTH will host brands in the categories of wearables, fitness, mental wellness/mindfulness, weight management, nutrition, longevity, sexual health, sleep health, psychedelics, cannabis, and food innovation as a feature for employers, payers, other key strategic health and wellness industry players and relevant media outlets.

HLTH has a strategic partnership with Mercer to design a bespoke experience for employers that will incorporate WELL by HLTH, our Hosted Buyer program and other relevant content and networking opportunities. Taking place on site and virtually, the Hosted Buyer program is a marketplace that brings healthcare buyers and vendors together for ‘warm-lead’ meetings via a proprietary, double-opt-in, search-and-match platform. Employers, providers and other significant healthcare buyers commit to eight (8) or more meetings during HLTH. The Super Buyer program, new this year, will provide a travel/hotel reimbursement of up to $750 to buyers participating in twelve (12) or more meetings.

Also new at HLTH this year, will be the StartUp Health Festival–a premier event in digital health innovation, which is now part of a twice yearly engagement at both HLTH and ViVE. Activities will center around StartUp Health’s moonshots and transformer community of startups and range from a pavilion on the exhibit floor, to content sessions with top voices in healthcare, leadership interviews in the StartUp Health Studio, workshops, VIP and pre-scheduled meetings, pitches and showcases. 

HLTH 2022 will provide a platform to recognize the acceleration of digital health innovation in the past two years with partnered startup programs, such as the UCSF Digital Health Awards Grand Finale, Cedars Sinai Demo Days, and an expansion of our own HLTH Pitch Competition and the Funding Founders program focused on matching qualified investors with startup executives.

Table Talks, HLTH’s topical roundtable discussions, will return together with new Clinician Focus Groups hosted by the American Medical Association–gathering places for deep-dives into the most pressing health issues of the day.

A new feature of the expo hall will be the new HLTH Foundation Impact Pavilion, which will literally hold space for diversity, equity and inclusion, as the home for the Women at HLTH and Health Equity Impact Programs as well as creative discussions with healthcare’s most essential stakeholders–patients. The Women at HLTH reception, featuring Teladoc’s She Powers Health awards and industry partners, will be bigger than ever. New Affinity Meetups and VIP, invitation-only dinners for gender- and health-equity leaders are also planned, as well as networking and an application drive for CSweetener, the HLTH Foundation’s healthcare mentorship program for women and non-binary professionals. These programs illustrate our commitment to creating purposeful meeting opportunities, and demonstrate our dedication to doing our part to reach equity for patients and healthcare professionals.

Healthcare is in a new moment, and so is HLTH; we have grown and adapted in order to remain the destination of choice for the industry, and we look forward to a continued evolution with our speakers, sponsors, partners, exhibitors and attendees.

HLTH 2022 speaker submissions are open, registration is open, sponsorship submissions are available and our new brand is officially here! 

Finally, we’ve enjoyed the debate around our name, but we are ready to go on record and say it: HLTH is a health company pronounced “health”.

Thank you for your continued support and we can't wait to see you on November 13 at the HLTH Welcome Reception!

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