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Speaker submissions have officially closed for HLTH 2022. As previously noted, we will not grant any extensions.

Thank you to all who have submitted! We were blown away by the caliber of proposed speakers this year and wish we had enough room for all on the program. We’ve received several thousand applications, a record year for us. In fact, on our last day, we received on average one application every 45 seconds for the entire business day. Generally, we accept about 3-5% of those who apply due to the limited space on our agenda. 

Our content team will be very busy over the coming months reviewing every single submission and will respond directly to each with our decision. Please understand that this process takes time, so we appreciate your patience. 

ViVE 2023 speaker submissions will open in September. HLTH 2023 submissions will open in the spring of 2023. Please note, we have a new policy moving into 2023. Speakers who have participated during the previous 2 years will not be considered. So, if you spoke in 2021 and 2022, you will not be accepted to speak in 2023. Our goal is to include new health leaders within our future programs.

Thanks again and see you all in Las Vegas this November!

Speaker submissions have closed.

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