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The employer’s role in the healthcare ecosystem is becoming more important as employee needs and demands grow, with a bigger focus on disease prevention and wellness than ever before. Today, employers lean heavily on healthcare benefits as a means for attracting top talent and building value.

At HLTH 2023, the Employer Experience will be designed to deliver the latest thought leadership, business solutions, and curated networking opportunities for leaders of Benefits, Human Resources, Talent, Total Rewards, Wellness, People, and Operations.

With a robust program and tailored onsite event experience, employers will have unprecedented access to the entire health ecosystem— all in one holistic environment.

The Employer Experience at HLTH 2023 will be interwoven throughout the entire event and convene employers at various times to take part in specialty curated content with C-suite panels and deep-dive discussions with leading industry speakers.

The key themes of the program will focus on high value care, mental and behavioral health, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), impact of generative AI, and alternatives to traditional health solutions to increase overall wellness.

What to expect

The HLTH Employer Experience includes:

Employer Talks & Sessions

Forward-thinking sessions led by industry leaders who are redefining the changing employer/employee landscape.

Employer Lounge

Hosted by Mercer, mingle with peers and potential partners in an exclusive setting (with snacks, drinks and comfy couches).

Employer Appreciation Event

More information to come soon!

Topics Covered

How generative AI will completely reshape the workforce

Employers grappling with the GLP-1 boom

Catering to different generational needs in your workforce

Supporting women and parents in the workforce

Building equity and inclusion into your recruiting and talent retention strategies

How to measure ROI and assess claims from point solutions

Integrating food as medicine initiatives

Founder mental and behavioral health

Employers engaging in more risk-based contracting

Hosted Buyer Program for Employers

The current health technology landscape for employers is vast and nuanced, thus finding the right partners for your needs is often a demanding endeavor. The HLTH Employer Hosted Buyer Program helps you accelerate your technology due diligence by efficiently connecting senior executives and decision makers with the latest solutions designed to solve the industry’s most complex challenges.

How does it work?

The Hosted Buyer Program is a curated matchmaking program pairing health buyers with solution providers in 15-minute, 1-to-1 meetings, helping you to identify the right partner for your needs.

Designed for senior executives and decision-makers to evaluate digital health solutions, the Hosted Buyer Program helps you accelerate your internal projects, due diligence, and strategic priorities.

What are the benefits?

  • Accomplish months worth of meetings in only a few days while building a solid procurement strategy

  • Accelerate your procurement process by connecting only with the technology solutions providers who can meet your needs

  • Be a part of an exclusive environment to evaluate top-of-the-line technologies

  • Complimentary HLTH Registration to qualified buyers in exchange for meetings that you already needed to schedule

When is it?

Meetings take place at HLTH on Sunday from 2pm-4pm and Monday & Tuesday from 8:20am-1pm and 2pm-4pm PDT in the dedicated Hosted Buyer Lounge on the exhibit floor.

All meetings are based on a mutual, double opt-in matchmaking process and as a hosted buyer, you will schedule your own meetings within the matchmaking platform.

Hosted Buyer Program

* All participants are required to apply and only qualified buyers are accepted. Once approved, a commitment is made to participate in the program and cancellations must be submitted a month ahead of the event.

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