The HLTH Foundation welcomes attendees, sponsors and partners to participate in three multifaceted Impact Programs: Health Equity, Women at HLTH and–new this year!–Patients at HLTH. The Impact Programs will cover health justice in care delivery, research, treatment, innovation, and technology as well as workforce diversity, equity and inclusion. A full menu of content programming, networking events and actionable campaigns offer ample opportunities to connect, with activities centered around the new, purpose-built Impact Pavilion and Patient Experience Lab on the show floor. A portion of every Impact Program sponsorship is tax deductible and supports HLTH Foundation initiatives.

New From Zorya!

Childcare Grants for Speakers

Are you a woman and mother speaking at HLTH 2022? The HLTH Foundation has partnered with Zorya Foundation to offer ten application-free childcare grants of $1,000 each, so mothers can take the stage and come to HLTH without worrying about childcare. Learn more.

The Impact Pavilion:

A Hub for Change

Bring your highest aspirations for healthcare to the new Impact Pavilion. Centrally located on the HLTH 2022 expo floor, the Impact Pavilion is the operational hub for the Health Equity, Patients at HLTH and Women at HLTH Impact Programs and take-action diversity, equity and inclusion campaigns from the HLTH Foundation and partners. Join us to make your mark on healthcare!

✔ Impact Stage

✔ HLTH Foundation initiatives

✔ Podcast booth

✔ Networking

✔ Meetups

✔ Actionable Partner Campaigns

Thank you to our partners United States of Care, CSweetener, Ipsos, HopeLab, ScaleHealth, HealthTech 4 Medicaid

Patient Experience Lab: A Living Collaboration

Consult with patients, become a co-designer in a better patient experience and discover new evidence around social influence and patient empowerment in the Patient Experience Lab on the HLTH 2022 Show Floor. The Patient Experience Lab will help you rethink patient programs and interventions to maximize social influence, empowerment, and equity.

✔ #AskPatients Genius Bar - get your questions answered live!

✔ Influencer Wall - everything you need to post on-point content from HLTH 2022!

✔ Patient Experience Studio - record a healthcare story with the help of a host and crew, and get featured in our patient experience change campaign

✔ Data & Journeys - explore brand new data and interactive patient journeys

Thank you to our partners Savvy Cooperative, Health Union, Outcomes4Me, Publicis and Boston Consulting Group

About The HLTH Foundation

The HLTH Foundation is a private 501(c)3 charity that promotes equity, inclusion and opportunity in healthcare, focusing on underserved patients, healthcare professionals and under-resourced health technology innovators. At HLTH 2022, the Foundation will host both the Impact Pavilion and the Patient Experience Lab in the center of the Show Floor–its new homes for content, meetups, campaigns and networking events centered around the Health Equity, Patients at HLTH and Women at HLTH programs. The Foundation will additionally sponsor Affinity Meetups and support charitable causes together with partner organizations.

Learn more at

HLTH Foundation Initiatives

CSweetener is a virtual mentorship program that provides women and non-binary healthcare professionals with access to a network of mentors from a diverse array of roles and verticals in healthcare. With each mentor bringing a minimum of 20 years of industry experience, CSweetener offers a rich resource for mentee learning and growth. A flexible format allows mentees to choose and work with one or many mentors during their time in the program. Funded by the HLTH Foundation and corporate sponsors dedicated to gender equity in leadership, CSweetener is always free to mentees.

Come to the CSweetener Application Drive in the Impact Pavilion at HLTH 2022!

National Techquity Research Initiative

The HLTH Foundation partnered with Ipsos, a global market research and advisory firm, to define and assess the industry’s progress on techquity—the strategic design, development, and deployment of technology to advance health equity.

This year, together with sponsors and partners, the HLTH Foundation will conduct a national, industry-wide benchmarking survey and research to inform development of techquity industry guidelines and best practices, with results to be announced in early 2023. Follow-up research will be conducted next year, for release in early 2024.

Findings from Phase I of this research were presented at ViVE in March 2022:

The HLTH Foundation promotes equity, inclusion and opportunity in healthcare, focusing on underserved patients, healthcare professionals and innovators in digital health. The HLTH Foundation is a private 501(c)3 non-profit affiliated with HLTH LLC. Learn more at

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