Childcare Grants

for Women Speakers

In Partnership with

The HLTH Foundation and the Zorya Foundation have partnered to offer ten childcare grants of $1,000 each to mothers invited to speak at HLTH 2022. Grants may be used for at-home childcare, to bring children and caregivers to Las Vegas during HLTH, or for any other childcare uses that will make it easier to accept a speaking invitation at this year’s event–no strings attached.

The Zorya Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to creating opportunities for women in healthcare. They provide childcare grants, and educational support as well as advocacy to advance opportunities for women in the healthcare sector. The Zorya Foundation exists to fill the gaps so that women can lead in healthcare, across all professions.

Who is eligible?

Any woman who is a parent and whose speaking opportunity at HLTH 2022 is challenged due to childcare needs is eligible for a grant. We will issue ten grants on a first come, first serve basis. No formal application is required.

Our Philosophy:

Let Mothers Decide

We believe that mothers know what they need, so there are no financial or other qualifying requirements. Eligibility is as simple as notifying us that you are an invited speaker and mother for whom a grant would ease your path to the stage at HLTH. Funds will be distributed directly via Venmo or ACH–because if there’s one thing mothers don’t have, it’s extra time for paperwork!

Why are we
doing this?

In general, mothers bear the greater responsibility for childcare, which can result in missed opportunities for visibility and networking at events like HLTH. By subsidizing childcare costs, the HLTH Foundation and Zorya Foundation aim to level the playing field and alleviate a barrier to opportunity for mothers attending HLTH 2022 as speakers.

HLTH takes pride in bringing the industry’s foremost leaders to the stage and in taking care of the people who do business with us. We are committed to safeguarding workforce equity and promoting a great experience for all invited speakers as well as HLTH’s attendees.


If you are interested in receiving a childcare grant, please contact:

Janna Guinen | Executive Director | HLTH Foundation

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