Employers are attending HLTH 2022

"Uncertainty” is the word that best describes the landscape for employers today. The COVID-19 pandemic rewrote the script when it comes to labor, and "The Great Resignation" followed by an economic downturn is proving to be a stubborn challenge to hire talent. With interest rates rising and layoff announcements peppering the news, the sands are quickly shifting. However, these challenges will create a period of systematic transformation and opportunity for those nimble enough to react.

Why Attend HLTH 2022?

In this dynamic market, employers are facing an array of shifting challenges and opportunities related to the labor market. At HLTH 2022, you will be able to access an entire ecosystem of industry subject matter experts and prospective talent, as well as the latest technologies and solutions to execute on staffing and benefits strategies. Drill down deep and explore new ideas on how to boost retention and get a first look at the latest in cutting-edge analytics tools.

HLTH 2022 will help employers find their competitive advantage, from formulating market-differentiating health and wellness benefits to achieving equity for a diverse employee population, extending family leave or supplementing women’s health coverage in a post-Roe world. 

Looking for new solutions for burnout and stress?  What about a work-from-home strategy? – Or not?  How will employers vie for clinical, IT, and other professional staff in a rapidly changing landscape? Employers have questions.

Come to the premier event for health and wellness innovation to find your answers.


'Great Resignation' followed by economic downturn creating extreme volatility in talent pool

✔ New entrants into benefits market, offering flexible financial models

✔ Increasing focus on providing equitable benefits serving minority groups, women, LGBTQ+ and lower-salaried employees

Shifting employee healthcare needs, especially around mental health and wellbeing

Affordability of benefits for employees in alignment with expanding coverage

Educating employees on benefits costs to help empower decision-making

Event Programs You May Be Interested In

As part of the HLTH 2022 attendee experience, we have curated recommended programs and activities that we believe will optimize your event journey and help accelerate your business goals.

Hosted Buyer

Curated 1:1, double opt-in matchmaking program pairing industry buyers with innovative solution providers.

Mercer Employer

Mingle with peers and potential partners in an exclusive setting (with snacks, drinks and comfy couches).

Employer Appreciation

Enjoy a reception with fellow employers followed by an inspiring Cirque Du Soleil performance.

Curated Agenda for Employers

We took care of all the heavy lifting so you can easily select the most relevant sessions to attend as part of your agenda.

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