Where can I register for this event?

What will it cost me to attend your HLTH 2020 event?

How can I get a receipt for my registration?

I’m a Startup.  Is there a reduced registration rate for me?

Am I able to register a group of people?

Do you offer any partial or exhibit hall only access for the event?

What does my registration include?

Can I make changes to an existing registration or transfer a registration to someone else?

Can you confirm onsite registration hours?*

If I have a conflict and can’t travel to Caesars Forum, is my event pass refundable or transferable?

Do you have any details that you can share on who would be attending?

I’d love to be able to engage with other attendees prior to the event.  Is there a way to communicate with them?

Do you sell attendee lists to the HLTH 2020 event?

Sponsoring and Exhibiting

How does my company become a sponsor or exhibitor at this event?

Where do I find the exhibitor kit and other logistics information to assist with planning for the event?

Can you provide me with the latest details on exhibitor pricing?

Where is the exhibit hall located?

Exhibit Hall hours

Exhibitor move-in

Exhibitor move-out

When can I schedule meetings to take place at my booth in the exhibit hall?

What’s included in my booth/kiosk/meeting cube/meeting pod?

What about WiFi inside the exhibit hall?

Where can I order services and materials for my booth?

What does Freeman provides?

Can you provide any information on building custom booths or even with rentals?

Will I have access to a business center while attending HLTH 2020?

Do you allow camera crews into my booth area?

Hotel Reservations

Can you provide me with more information on hotel reservations?

How can I change an existing registration by phone?

If I need to cancel my reservation, what are the hotel’s cancellation policies?

What do I do if I receive a solicitation from a third party to book a hotel room?

Speakers & Agenda

How would I pass along speaker and/or content suggestions for HLTH?

I submitted a proposal to speak, but I haven’t heard from anyone at HLTH. Was it accepted? 

What should I do next if I am confirmed as a speaker for this event?

Where would I find the most current copy of the agenda?

Speaker Presentation

Do I need to check in somewhere before I start speaking?

I can’t remember the date or time I am speaking. Where can I find this information?

I can’t remember my session topic and format. Where can I find this information?

Will I be connected to the moderator or other speakers on my session prior to HLTH?

My session includes a presentation. When do I need to submit the presentation?

Will I be able to have a formal rehearsal?

What kind of microphones are available?

What happens if I go over the amount of time allocated to me on stage?

Will I have a clicker to advance my slides on stage?

Will there be confidence monitors?

Can I use my own computer to run the presentation?

How will I know how much time I have left on stage?

How will I be introduced to the stage?

How many people are expected to be in the room?


I have a question regarding media at the event, who do I contact?

How do I let you know that my company will be making an announcement at HLTH?