Monday, Feb 19, 2024 | 12:00 AM ET

S4 E42: How Much of Longevity Is Controllable?—featuring Melanie Goldey

Research has shown that less than 10% of longevity is based on genetics and 90% hinges on your lifestyle choices.

But if you don’t have Bryan Johnson’s resources, how do you identify the gap between your chorological age versus your real age?

And more importantly, how do you use that information to design a plan that will truly move the needle on helping you live healthier, longer?

Melanie Goldey is CEO of Tally Health, a biotech company developing science-backed tools for consumers to increase health span and extend longevity. 

Melanie has an extensive background in technology and healthcare startups, and she is passionate about making longevity science accessible to consumers.

On this episode of HLTH Matters, Melanie joins host Dr. Gautam Gulati to discuss the future of diagnostic markers and testing to optimize for the extension of both lifespan and health span.

Melanie explains how Tally Health differs from prior iterations of real age measurement and describes how her team uses DNA methylation to develop personalized recommendations for its members.

Listen in to understand the benefits of Tally Helth’s pro-longevity supplements and learn how to enhance longevity with small improvements to your diet, fitness, sleep, mental health and habits!

Topics Covered

  • How Tally Health is working to help consumers live healthier, longer
  • The 3 components of Tally Health’s consumer longevity offering
  • What differentiates Tally from prior iterations of real age measurement
  • How Tally uses DNA methylation to develop personalized recommendations
  • David Sinclair’s research on epigenetics and his information theory of aging
  • How much of longevity is based on genetics vs. lifestyle choices
  • How Melanie thinks about quick fixes vs. small lifestyle adjustments
  • The benefits of Tally Health’s pro-longevity supplements 
  • How machine learning can improve specificity of Tally’s recommendations
  • The connections among diet, fitness, sleep, mental health and habits
  • What we might learn from Bryan Johnson’s biohacking experiences
  • Other markers Tally Health is studying (beyond DNA methylation)

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Melanie GoldeyCEO, Tally Health

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