Wednesday, Feb 7, 2024 | 12:00 AM ET

S4 E37: Providing Access to Abortion Care Through Technology—featuring Kiki Freedman

With the overturn of Roe v. Wade, inequities in access to reproductive, sexual health and abortion care have grown.

How might telemedicine solve this problem?

Kiki Freedman is CEO of Hey Jane, a digital health platform for women she cofounded while at Harvard Business School.

Prior to business school, Kiki was an early employee at Uber, where she led the company’s Kenya launch and spearheaded strategy and expansion for Uber Eats in the Middle East and Africa.

On this episode of HLTH Matters, Kiki joins host Dr. Gautam Gulati to explain how her digital clinic addresses women’s most initial health needs.

Kiki walks us through the reproductive and sexual health services Hey Jane offers, describing how patients are paired with a clinician and what the platform does to maintain their privacy and anonymity.

Listen in for Kiki’s insight on working in a space that’s under attack and learn about her vision for achieving national protection for abortion access.

Topics Covered

  • How Kiki’s experience with scaling Uber translates to Hey Jane
  • Hey Jane’s role as a digital health clinic for women’s most intimate health needs
  • How COVID and the overturn of Roe v. Wade affected Kiki’s business
  • The other women’s health services Hey Jane offers (beyond abortion care)
  • Kiki’s insight on inequities in access to reproductive and sexual health care
  • How Hey Jane patients are paired with a clinician and support team 
  • What Hey Jane does to maintain patient privacy and anonymity 
  • How Hey Jane patients pay for services through insurance, nonprofit financial assistance and cash on a sliding scale
  • How Kiki stays on top of legislation and forthcoming regulations
  • How Hey Jane educates women about the telemedicine services it offers
  • Kiki’s vision around achieving national protection for abortion access
  • Recent approval of over-the-counter progestin-only birth control

Connect with Kiki Freedman

Connect with Dr. Jessica Shepherd & Dr. Gautam Gulati



Kiki FreedmanCEO, Hey Jane

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