Friday, Jan 26, 2024 | 12:00 AM ET

S4 E32: Microsoft's Collaboration with Healthcare Leaders for Trustworthy AI

AI's potential to revolutionize healthcare requires a focus on responsible and trustworthy implementation.

In this episode, Dr. David Rhew from Microsoft, along with Marcella Dalrymple and Dr. Michael Pencina from Duke Health, discuss the collaboration between Microsoft and Duke Health to explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Dr. Rhew emphasizes the importance of responsible and trustworthy AI, acknowledging its limitations and the need for operationalizing key principles. Dr. Pencina outlines four principles for trustworthy AI: prioritizing the human person, defining AI use cases, anticipating consequences, and establishing governance. Marcella Dalrymple, with her community perspective, highlights the necessity of addressing public uncertainty and mistrust regarding AI development. The partnership aims to form a Center of Excellence for trustworthy AI, focusing on collaborative efforts to align with ethical values and engage the community bidirectionally. The guests stress the importance of a robust governance system, automation for efficiency, and continuous monitoring to ensure AI's intended impact.

Tune in and learn how this collaboration strives to revolutionize healthcare responsibly through AI!

About David Rhew:

Since August 2019, David has served as Chief Medical Officer & VP of Healthcare for Microsoft's Worldwide Commercial Business (WCB). David and his team's main goal is to demonstrate how a large-scale data-driven approach can lead to smarter decision-making, more proactive care, and improved health outcomes, as well as lower costs for patients and populations.

Additionally, David is an adjunct professor at the Department of Medicine, Division of Primary Care and Population Health at Stanford University.

About Marcella Dalrymple:

Marcella is the Associate Director of Strategic Development and Business Partnerships at Duke AI Health. Her goal is to operationalize novel ideas by using big data to achieve the most meaningful results, leading to improved clinical practices.

Prior to that role, she was the Commercial Leadership Associate in the marketing sector for AstraZeneca and a project manager for Duke Clinical Research Institute.

About Michael Pencina:

Michael Pencina, PhD, is Duke Health's Chief Data Scientist and serves as Vice Dean for Data Science, Director of Duke AI Health, and Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at the Duke University School of Medicine. He develops and implements quantitative science strategies for the School of Medicine, co-chairs Duke Health’s Algorithm-Based Clinical Decision Support (ABCDS) Oversight Committee, and co-directs Duke’s Collaborative to Advance Clinical Health Equity (CACHE).

Things You’ll Learn:

  • AI's potential to revolutionize healthcare requires a focus on responsible and trustworthy implementation.
  • The collaboration between Microsoft and Duke Health aims to create a Center of Excellence for trustworthy AI.
  • The four principles for trustworthy AI are: prioritize the human person, define use cases, anticipate consequences, and establish governance.
  • Public mistrust of AI in healthcare highlights the need for community engagement and bidirectional communication.
  • Automation in governance processes can streamline AI integration and reduce friction in workflows.



Dr. David C. RhewGlobal Chief Medical Officer, VP of Healthcare Worldwide Commercial, Microsoft

Michael J. Pencina, PhDChief Data Scientist for Duke Health; Vice Dean for Data Science; Director, Duke AI Health; Professor, Biostatistics & Bioinformatics; Duke University School of Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine

Marcella Dalrymple, MPH, MBAAssociate Director of Strategic Development and Business Partnerships, Duke AI Health

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