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S4 E31: There’s Still Untapped Potential of AI in Healthcare Innovation

No individual or specific organization can drive substantive change alone. It takes collaboration across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

In this episode, Seema Kumar, the Chief Executive Officer of Cure, discusses the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Seema shares her journey into healthcare innovation, emphasizing the crucial roles of science, technology, and storytelling in shaping the future of healthcare. She highlights the unique contribution of entrepreneurs as nimble actors driving change in the industry. The conversation delves into the collaborative nature of the healthcare ecosystem, where large organizations, entrepreneurs, academia, and government play complementary roles. Seema also emphasizes the need for sustained collaboration beyond crises and underlines the significance of AI in analyzing vast healthcare data for insights. 

Tune in and explore the transformative possibilities at the intersection of AI and healthcare!

About Seema Kumar:

Seema Kumar is the Chief Executive Officer of Cure, a 300,000-square-foot facility aiming to advance healthcare through the development of cutting-edge solutions across medical devices, digital technologies, healthcare services, and bio-therapeutics. As the Global Head of Office of Innovation, Global Health, and Scientific Engagement, Seema leads global efforts to enhance public engagement with science and public health policy. 

Prior to that role, Seema was responsible for Johnson & Johnson's overall innovation reputation, positioning the R&D pipeline, and leading COVID vaccine communications and external affairs efforts. Overall, she is a passionate advocate for science and women's empowerment, and serves on several boards and advisory committees.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • No individual or specific organization can drive substantive change alone; it takes collaboration across the entire healthcare ecosystem.
  • AI holds promise for healthcare, and leveraging its power requires large, representative, and complete datasets.
  • Entrepreneurs are restless with the status quo; they want to take risks and represent the leading edge of future healthcare.
  • The future of healthcare lies in sustained collaboration, AI-driven insights, and innovative solutions that address real-world challenges.
  • Storytelling, science, and technology combined can engage individuals in their own health and the health of the ecosystem.


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Seema KumarCEO, Cure.®

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