Monday, Jan 22, 2024 | 12:00 AM ET

S4 E30: Lifestyle Changes for Longevity & Disease Prevention—featuring Dugal Bain

Even those of us who are motivated to improve our health have a hard time getting answers from the traditional healthcare system.

Clinicians are trained to diagnose and treat disease but have little experience in preventative medicine.

So, where do we go to assess our current level of health and start making choices that will improve both quality and length of life? 

Dugal Bain is Cofounder and CEO of Lifeforce, a proactive health and longevity platform that empowers people to think clearer, feel stronger and live longer.

Dugal has built a career around using technology to open access to better quality health care, holding leadership positions in finance, management consulting and health tech across three continents.

On this episode of HLTH Matters, Dugal joins hosts Dr. Gautam Gulati and Dr. Jessica Shepherd to discuss the future of longevity and disease prevention.

Dugal describes the connection between lifestyle and health span and explains how the Lifeforce team identifies appropriate behavior changes and keeps members motivated for the long term.

Listen in for insight on training clinicians in longevity medicine and learn Dugal’s top three not-so-obvious strategies for improving your health.

Topics Covered

  • How becoming a parent inspired Dugal to build Lifeforce
  • How identifying a deeper purpose behind your health goals drives behavior change
  • Understanding the connection between lifestyle and health span
  • How Dugal thinks about educating clinicians on the benefits of functional medicine
  • What to expect when you become a member of Lifeforce 
  • How the Lifeforce team keeps members motivated for the long term
  • How Dugal’s team differentiates among longevity therapies that are hype, hope or reality
  • Dugal’s top 3 not-so-obvious strategies for improving your health
  • How we might get unmotivated people to engage with services like Lifeforce
  • Lifeforce’s efforts to train practitioners on proactive care and longevity medicine
  • Dugal’s insight around stem cells and contrast therapy 

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Dugal Bain-KimCEO & Co-Founder, Lifeforce

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