Tuesday, Nov 14, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S4 E3: Trusted Health Information in an Overloaded World

How can personalized information and education help address the challenges in healthcare?

In this episode, Dr. Jenny Yu, the Chief Health Officer for Healthline.com, discusses the importance of accessible and reliable health information, the affordability of healthcare, and the promotion of healthy lifestyle choices. She highlights Healthline.com's collaboration with various healthcare providers and its focus on delivering accurate and comprehensive content. In this conversation, Dr. Yu underscores the significance of cross-functional partnerships, advocating for an integrated approach to patient care. She also encourages listeners to stay updated with Healthline.com's forthcoming initiatives, aimed at addressing education, access, and cost-related challenges in the healthcare domain.

Tune in to learn why reliable healthcare information and collaborations are needed to transform the healthcare ecosystem.

About Jenny Yu:

Jenny Yu, MD FACS is the Chief Health Officer for Healthline Media, the number one healthpublisher that drives well-being forward by leading our audience of 74 million people to take action and improve their lives. She leads the Medical Affairs team and supports the organization in strategy, growth, and medical integrity. Prior to joining the organization in 2020, she was a practicing academic clinician with experience in research and operation. She is the Co-founder of a non-profit, Project Theia, with focus on education, care, and innovation in facial reconstructive surgeries for global communities. She has a broad interest in innovation and solutions that help patients navigate the complexity of the healthcare systems.

During her tenure at Healthline Media and RVO Health, she has engaged in various thought leadership opportunities and provided her clinical perspective internally and externally onbroad-ranging topics such as access and adherence, whole-person health, and health literacy.

She is a graduate of The Ohio State University Medical School and completed ophthalmology residency and an Oculoplastics fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. She has over 20+ publications in peer-reviewed journals, numerous book chapters, and various speaking engagements during her 15+ years of clinical practice.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Access to reliable and accessible health information is crucial for patients and consumers. 
  • High healthcare costs significantly impact patient outcomes, highlighting the necessity for affordable healthcare solutions.
  • Personalized communication and consistent messaging play a vital role in effective healthcare practices.
  • Cross-functional partnerships and collaborations are essential in addressing holistic health needs and promoting preventive care.
  • Technology and innovative services have a substantial impact on improving healthcare accessibility, education, and cost concerns.



Jenny Yu, MD FACSChief Health Officer, Healthline Media

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