Thursday, Jan 18, 2024 | 12:00 AM ET

S4 E29: From Reactive to Proactive: Revolutionizing Patient-Centric Healthcare

Transforming healthcare begins by putting the patient at the center, focusing on prevention and wellness.

In this episode, Murray Brozinsky, Chief Strategy Officer at Amwell, delves into the integral role of technology in healthcare leadership. He underscores the importance of seamlessly integrating technology to elevate patient engagement and tailor care to individual needs. Murray examines the transformative impact on healthcare providers and payers, fostering collaboration and driving the shift towards value-based care. He also addresses the challenges confronting providers, advocating for strategic investments in technology to address staff shortages and rising costs. The conversation broadens to a global perspective, emphasizing the necessity for a paradigm shift in healthcare thinking. Finally, Murray highlights the paramount importance of trust in healthcare and the nuanced approach required when implementing generative AI.

Tune in and learn about the dynamic intersection of technology and healthcare, shaping the future of patient-centered, data-driven, and proactive wellness!

About Murray Brozinsky:

Murray Brozinsky is Chief Strategy Officer of Amwell, a leader in hybrid care enablement. He was formerly the CEO of Conversa Health, which Amwell acquired in 2021. Murray is a creative entrepreneur who has started, run, and served as a senior executive at numerous companies. He has broad experience in leadership and strategy, bringing new products to market, generating revenue, building strategic relationships, and M&A. Murray is also a Board member and advisor to other promising technology start-ups in various industries. His main goal in healthcare is to put patients at the center of their care.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • By leveraging technology, healthcare can enhance patient experiences, reduce provider burnout, and bend the cost curve.  
  • Transforming healthcare begins by putting the patient at the center, focusing on prevention and wellness.
  • Proactive care relies on early patient data collection, using technology to predict and intervene before health issues escalate.
  • Implementing AI requires caution to avoid eroding trust
  • Optimizing care delivery involves leveraging technology to identify patients needing immediate attention, and prevent unnecessary visits and calls.



Murray BrozinskyChief Strategy Officer, Amwell

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