Monday, Jan 8, 2024 | 12:00 AM ET

S4 E24: Leveraging Patient Voices to Inform Healthcare Policy—featuring Andy Slavitt

All too often, the people building healthcare solutions in the public sector have never seen a patient. The same goes for policymakers.

And the voices of real people with real health problems get lost. 

That’s why Andy Slavitt advocates for a collaborative approach to solving critical problems in healthcare. An approach that leverages the lived experiences of everyday Americans to inform innovation and policy.

Andy is General Partner of Town Hall Ventures, a healthcare firm that invests in underrepresented communities, and Founder of United States of Care, a national nonprofit health advocacy organization.

Andy has led many of the nation's most important healthcare initiatives, serving as President Obama's Head of Medicare and Medicaid and overseeing the turnaround, implementation, and defense of the Affordable Care Act.

On this episode of HLTH Matters, Andy joins hosts Dr. Jessica Shepherd and Dr. Gautam Gulati to discuss the future of public-private partnerships to drive innovation and policy decision making.

Andy explains why policy drives innovation in healthcare, exploring the obstacles to adopting effective policy on a national level and what prevents hospital systems from prioritizing prevention over treatment. 

Listen in for insight on what inspired Andy’s work with underserved communities and learn how he finds companies building simple healthcare solutions and invests in helping them scale.

Topics Covered

  • The experiences that inspired Andy’s work to serve underrepresented communities
  • Why it’s so challenging to build effective healthcare policy in our political system
  • Andy’s approach to solving critical problems in healthcare through collaboration among innovators, policymakers and everyday citizens
  • The common attributes of companies Andy invests in through Town Hall Ventures
  • Why Andy believes that policy drives innovation in the healthcare space
  • The obstacles to adopting effective healthcare policy on a national level
  • What prevents hospital systems from prioritizing prevention over treatment
  • How Andy invests in companies building simple healthcare solutions and helps them scale (e.g.: urgent care centers for mental health crises)

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Andy SlavittGeneral Partner, Town Hall Ventures

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