Wednesday, Dec 20, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S4 E18: Your Health Insurer Doesn’t Want You To Listen To This: Interview with Curative CEO & co-founder Fred Turner

While many insurance plans include preventive care, Curative’s distinctive feature is providing 100% coverage for all in-network care to actively promote prevention.

In this episode, Fred Turner, CEO of Curative, shares insights into the dire need for transformation in employer-sponsored health insurance, addressing the issues faced by both employees and employers. He discusses the company's unique model that focuses on providing preventative care with zero out-of-pocket costs for members during the first 120 days. Fred also emphasizes the importance of simplifying the healthcare system and highlights the positive impact Curative's approach has on both employees and employers. Fred sheds light on the skepticism and reluctance of employers to adopt new health plans but emphasizes the significant impact experienced by those who embraced Curative's approach. 

Tune in to learn more about the inspiring work Fred and his team are doing to revolutionize healthcare and improve access to quality care.

About Fred Turner:

Fred Turner is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Curative. A British scientist from West Yorkshire, Turner attended the University of Oxford. Turner was named one of the top 100 practicing scientists in the UK by the Science Council in 2013. He was also included in Forbes’ ‘30 Under 30’ list and ranked first in the European Union Contest for Young Scientists. Recently, Fred was awarded Comparably's Best CEO Award and Modern Healthcare’s Top 25 Emerging Leaders in 2021.

Under Turner’s leadership, Curative launched a first-of-its-kind health insurance plan that offers unmatched transparency into healthcare costs. Inspired by his vision to create a healthcare system that works for and supports patients’ whole health through every step of their personal health journey, Turner and the Curative team developed a path-breaking health plan with no copays, no deductibles, and no cost-sharing for its members.

Previously, Turner led Curative as it became the national leader in bringing COVID-19 testing and vaccine administration resources to people in response to the pandemic, having provided more than 36 million tests and two million vaccines across thousands of locations in more than 40 states.

Prior to creating both of Curative’s highly innovative business models, Fred founded and led a 16z and YC-backed diagnostics (Dx) startup that built a CLIA lab for validating and launching an STD testing product in Menlo Park, California.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) are leaving insured individuals functionally uninsured, unable to afford out-of-pocket costs for care.
  • Curative's unique model offers 120 days of no out-of-pocket cost for in-network care, promoting preventative care and simplifying health benefits.
  • Employers experiencing rising insurance costs can benefit from exploring new options like those offered by Curative to better support their employees' health and well-being.
  • The importance of making healthcare access and benefits clear and straightforward. 
  • Curative’s approach yields an impressive 98% member engagement rate, demonstrating the effectiveness of its model in promoting proactive health management.



Fred TurnerChief Executive Officer, Curative

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