Monday, Dec 11, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S4 E14: Empowering Patients with Human-Centered Healthcare — featuring Dr. Sunita Mishra & Dr. Andrew Diamond

In February, Amazon Health announced its acquisition of One Medical.

What inspired the collaboration? And what does integration look like between the two organizations?

Dr. Sunita Mishra is Chief Medical Officer at Amazon Health, which aims to make it dramatically easier to engage with the services, products and professionals needed to get and stay healthy. 

Dr. Andrew Diamond is Chief Medical Officer at One Medical. He has been a driving force in developing the health system’s approach to care and maintaining its human-centered culture.

On this episode of HLTH Matters, Dr. Mishra and Dr. Diamond join hosts Dr. Jessica Shepherd and Dr. Gautam Gulati to discuss what values Amazon Health and One Medical share.

Dr. Mishra describes Amazon’s vision for simplifying healthcare, and Dr. Diamond explains how the One Medical model gives its members more agency than the traditional system.

Listen in to understand how Amazon’s technological capabilities benefit healthcare delivery and learn how Dr. Mishra and Dr. Diamond are working together to promote patient-focused primary care.

Topics Covered

  • Dr. Mishra & Dr. Diamond’s roles at Amazon Health and One Medical 
  • How Amazon is realizing its vision of making healthcare easier
  • The collaborative energy between Amazon Health and One Medical
  • How the healthcare system influences the way clinicians see their patients
  • What values Amazon Health and One Medical share (and how that makes integration easier)
  • How the One Medical model gives its members more agency
  • What changes members of One Medical can expect with the Amazon acquisition
  • One Medical’s ability to care for patients with chronic disease
  • How Amazon’s technological capabilities benefit healthcare delivery
  • How Amazon Health thinks about incorporating behavioral health

Connect with Dr. Sunita Mishra

Connect with Dr. Andrew Diamond

Connect with Dr. Jessica Shepherd & Dr. Gautam Gulati



Andrew DiamondChief Medical Officer, One Medical

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