Thursday, Nov 30, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S4 E10: The Rise of Weight Loss Medications: A Healthcare Trend

Healthcare is complicated, and most people don’t think about it until they need it.

In this podcast episode, Saul Marquez welcomes Dr. James Wantuck, the Associate Chief Medical Officer at Accolade, who begins by stating his motivation for entering the healthcare field—a desire to have a significant impact on people's lives. James delves into the rising popularity of weight management medications, particularly GLP-1s, and the challenges employers face in providing coverage. James shares the results of an extensive survey conducted by Accolade, highlighting the demand for these medications and their potential as a recruitment and retention tool for employees. Finally, Dr. Wantuck emphasizes the importance of the doctor-patient relationship in designing individualized weight management programs and addresses the current medication shortage.

Tune in to this discussion to discover the future of weight management and personalized healthcare and how Accolade and PlushCare contribute to this evolving landscape.

About James Wantuck:

James Wantuck is the Associate Chief Medical Officer at Accolade, where he manages a large, growing group of physicians, therapists, and clinical operations staff while working with patients daily. He's a board-certified internal medicine physician who co-founded PlushCare in 2015 and grew it to over 200 physicians offering high-quality, accessible, direct-to-consumer virtual care.

James earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Neuroscience from the University of Pittsburgh and then earned his doctorate in Medicine at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

His mission is to help people at scale.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • There is a rising popularity of weight management medication in healthcare.
  • GLP-1s are driving the trend when it comes to weight management medications. They are not magic, though.
  • Healthcare is complicated, and most people don’t think about it until they need it.
  • Hiring a physician with entrepreneurial skills can greatly benefit a healthcare organization.
  • Staying responsive to market changes is essential for helping patients access better care.


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James WantuckAssociate Chief Medical Officer, Accolade

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