Thursday, Jan 26, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S3 Ep8: A Value-Based Model of Virtual Primary Care—featuring Dr. Tom X. Lee

Imagine having 24/7 access to your primary care physician.

Doctors and patients alike are frustrated with the current model of rushed visits and disconnected care. But what if there is a better way? What if we leverage a combination of virtual and in-person support to deliver a new model of value-based care?

Dr. Tom X. Lee is CEO of Galileo, a next-generation healthcare delivery system that uses innovative mobile technology to improve the quality and affordability of medical care for all. 

Prior to Galileo, Dr. Lee helped grow One Medical into a leading primary care group with more than 70 locations across the United States.

On this episode of HLTH Matters, Dr. Lee joins host Dr. Jordan Shlain to discuss how patients access the Galileo app, describing how it either functions as your primary care physician or adjunct to your PCP.

Dr. Lee explains how his team recruits the physicians that staff Galileo and explores which medical conditions require a relationship with the provider—and which ones do not.

Listen in for Dr. Lee’s advice for other healthcare entrepreneurs and learn how virtual primary care, when done right, can both improve quality and lower the cost of care.

Topics Covered

  • What inspired Dr. Lee to name his new company Galileo
  • The key issues with the current care model that Galileo addresses
  • How a patient accesses the Galileo app and how much it costs
  • How Dr. Lee’s team recruits full-time physicians to staff Galileo
  • Which medical conditions require a relationship with a provider (and which ones don’t)
  • What surprised Dr. Lee about the digital delivery of orthopedic medicine
  • How Galileo functions as your PCP or adjunct to your PCP
  • How Dr. Lee thinks about prescribing medication through Galileo
  • How the pandemic affected digital health in general and Galileo specifically
  • Dr. Lee’s top lessons learned from building One Medical
  • The potential to make virtual primary care the new normal
  • Dr. Lee’s mission to improve quality and lower cost of care

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