Thursday, Jan 19, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S3 Ep6: Making Nutrition Accessible & Sustainable for All—featuring Vanessa Rissetto & Tamar Samuels

We recognize that nutrition is the front line of health care. 

But it’s challenging for patients to sustain lasting changes to their eating habits outside the clinical environment.

Can technology help us promote healthy eating after a patient leaves the hospital or exam room? How do we deliver a customized digital nutrition coaching experience that keeps users engaged for the long-term?

Vanessa Rissetto and Tamar Samuels are the registered dieticians behind Culina Health, a personalized virtual nutrition coaching platform designed to make nutrition accessible and sustainable for everyone.

On this episode of HLTH Matters, Vanessa and Tamar join host Dr. Jessica Shepherd to discuss what differentiates Culina from other nutrition apps and describe the role of automation in the personalized nutrition space.

Vanessa and Tamar explain why ongoing engagement is key in changing the way a patient eats and how the Culina Health team addresses the emotional aspects of food.

Listen in to understand how Culina collaborates with providers to support their patients and find out how Vanessa and Tamar’s app empowers users to set their own goals, learn about what’s healthy and lead the change process.

Topics Covered

  • What differentiates Culina Health from other nutrition apps on the market
  • The role of automation in the personalized nutrition space
  • How to support patients around nutrition once they leave the hospital or clinic
  • Why it’s crucial to address the emotional aspect of eating habits
  • Vanessa & Tamar’s insight on the addictive nature of sugar
  • Why ongoing engagement is key in changing the way a patient eats
  • How Culina helps users set their own goals and lead the change process
  • How to deal with a weight management patient who’s having a bad day
  • How Vanessa & Tamar educate patients around what’s healthy (based on their medical condition)
  • What Culina Health is doing to create community among its users
  • How Culina works with providers to support patients and collaborate care

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‘Obese Children Show Hyperactivation to Food Pictures in Brain Networks Linked to Motivation, Reward and Cognitive Control’ in the International Journal of Obesity


Vanessa RissettoCo-founder, Registered Dietitian, Culina Health

Tamar SamuelsCo-founder, Registered Dietitian, Culina Health

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