Monday, Jul 3, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S3 Ep53: Predicting Healthcare Needs—featuring Lisa Collins

Time is critical in healthcare, but so is data analysis. 

Lisa Collins, the CEO of Optum Advisory Services and responsible for the payer, provider, and strategy and growth teams, discusses how they are developing their algorithms to predict the healthcare needs in a community. Today’s healthcare system is based on adapting to the patient volume changes they might get at any given time, and there’s a labor challenge to be tackled. Lisa also shares a quick dive into the revenue cycle at Optum and how they are deploying the technology. Every healthcare company now must concentrate on removing the administrative burden from the physicians’ shoulders. 

Tune in to listen to this quick chat about predicting tools in healthcare! 

About Lisa Collins:

Lisa is responsible for our Payer, Provider, and Strategy and Growth teams for OAS. She supports the growth our teams have achieved to make OAS one of the top healthcare advisory services in the country.

Prior to Optum Lisa was with Cerner Corporation where she was Senior Vice President of Global Services, leading their consulting, managed services, and support business. Before joining Cerner, Lisa was Managing Director with Accenture in their Health Care practice, responsible for establishing and leading the health care provider practice. Preceding Accenture, Lisa spent 20+ years at Siemens Medical Solutions in a variety of leadership roles, including leading their North America Services business.

Lisa lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia with her husband and two college-graduate sons, who also live nearby. Lisa is a board member of Penn Medicine Chester County Hospital and is involved locally with Community Volunteers in Medicine

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Data can help forecast many things in healthcare, from patient volume and staffing needs to OR schedules and much more. 
  • Administrative procedures shouldn’t stall healthcare labor. 
  • Physicians should concentrate on delivering care, while technology helps with the administrative work. 
  • Technology is here to help physicians. 



Lisa CollinsCEO, Optum Advisory Services

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