Tuesday, Jan 17, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S3 Ep5: Transforming Health and Wellness Through Better Sleep —featuring Heidi Anderson and Dr. Heidi Riney

Pause for a second and honestly think about your sleeping hygiene. Do you have to think twice before you answer?

In this episode, Heidi Riney, board-certified in sleep medicine and neurology Chief Medical Officer, and Heidi Anderson, president, and Chief Growth Officer at Nox Health, talk about how they are revolutionizing health by taking care of patients’ sleep. Healthier sleep leads to healthier minds and bodies, it is foundational to our lives, but when it is negatively affected, it can lead to many different issues. Nox Health seeks to seamlessly give access to everyone who needs good sleep care across the country in an efficient, effective, and affordable way. Heidi and Heidi explain the diagnostics and assessment a patient can undergo in Nox’s sleep program and emphasize the importance of education and awareness around sleep healthcare.

Tune in and learn why taking care of your sleep is key to having better health! 

About Heidi Riney:

Dr. Riney is board-certified in sleep medicine and neurology by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and is a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), Georgia Association of Sleep Professionals (GASP) and National Sleep Foundation (NSF), where she serves on the Public Affairs Committee.

She completed her medical training at Wake Forest, neurology residency and neurophysiology fellowship at Emory University, and sleep medicine fellowship at FusionSleep. During her neurology residency, Dr. Riney taught neuroanatomy courses and led small-group clinical cases with second-year Emory medical students. She was also involved in research, looking at concentric-needle single-fiber electromyography for the diagnosis of myasthenia gravis.

After her neurology residency, Dr. Riney completed a clinical neurophysiology fellowship at Emory University. During her fellowship, Dr. Riney led weekly lectures with neurology residents on topics related to electromyography and electroencephalography.

Dr. Riney currently evaluates adults and children with sleep, wake, and circadian rhythm problems at the Atlanta North location.

About Heidi Anderson:

Heidi Anderson has spent more than two decades building businesses and driving major growth in emerging and mature B2B and B2C markets, especially in the healthcare industry.

In her role as President & Chief Growth Officer at Nox Health, a sleep healthcare and tech company founded in Iceland, Anderson helps lead the visionary team that has reimagined the sleep healthcare space so that millions worldwide will have access to highly effective sleep solutions, including at-home sleep testing, sleep board-certified physicians telemedicine visits, and ongoing care team support.

Prior to joining Nox Health, Anderson served as Senior Vice President of Strategic Clients and Initiatives and ASO Strategy at Teladoc Health. She’s also held senior leadership and officer positions at several start-ups, and mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies. At Time Warner and WebMD, she drove several successful print and digital launches including WebMD Magazine digital edition, Medscape’s Business of Medicine magazine, as well as the Time Health and People Health verticals.

Anderson is an active board member of Solis Mammography, a strategic advisor at AliveCor and TaskHuman, and a graduate of the University of Minnesota Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Nox Health reimagines sleep healthcare so millions worldwide can access highly effective sleep solutions, including at-home sleep testing, sleep board-certified physician telemedicine visits, and ongoing care team support.
  • There is a correlation between the lack of sleep and chronic diseases, mental health issues, behavioral health, and even safety conditions.
  • Sleep Medicine is one field of medicine where you can come from a lot of different specialties.
  • 50% of people typically fall off sleep care therapy in the first year. 
  • Less than 10% of Nox’s therapy patients fall off. 
  • You will die sooner from lack of sleep than from not eating.
  • Duration, quality, and timing are three factors in healthy sleep. 
  • There are more than 80 different sleep disorders.
  • Nox doesn’t charge an employer or health plan until someone enrolls in the program.


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Heidi AndersonPresident and Chief Growth Officer, Nox Health

Heidi RineyChief Medical Officer, Nox Health

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