Tuesday, Jun 13, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S3 Ep47: The Digital Evolution in Pharma—featuring Pierre Leurent and Sai Shankar

Digital health solutions can enhance medications and improve patients’ experiences and outcomes.

In this episode of the HLTH Matters Podcast, Pierre Leurent and Sai Shankar, presidents of Aptar Digital Health, discuss how they create patient-centric software solutions and digital devices to leverage drugs across multiple areas. ADH addresses patient needs through digital interventions, data solutions, and support services throughout their treatment journey. Pierre and Sai explain how technology can be a great way to guide patients with complex medications, empower them, and manage them continuously in a proactive manner. Aptar Digital Health also approaches digital evolution through research and development, data analytics, and regulatory compliance.

Tune in to learn more about how Aptar Digital Health uses technology to impact patients positively!

About Pierre Leurent:

Pierre Leurent, President of Aptar Digital Health, is the CEO and co-founder of Voluntis, a leading digital therapeutic company acquired by Aptar group in 2021. Pierre has over 20 years of experience in digital health in the United States and Europe. Prior to starting Voluntis, he worked at GE Healthcare, in its medical imaging software division, and at HealthCenter Internet Services, a vendor of EMR solutions based in Silicon Valley. 

He is a founding Director of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, of which he served as Chairman and a member of Advamed’s Digital Health Executive Leadership Group. Pierre previously co-chaired the digital therapeutics task force of the Personal Connected Health Alliance, a member of HIMSS, and chaired the eHealth France Alliance. He holds an MS from Ecole Centrale Paris.

About Sai Shankar:

Sai has more than 20 years of experience across the pharmaceuticals, medical device, and digital health business verticals. He has been an intrapreneur at Aptar, building the Digital Health division. Prior to joining Aptar in 2017, Sai worked for 15 years at Allergan and Sanofi.

As the President of Aptar Digital Health, Sai is responsible for the overall P&L of the business. In addition to the organic growth of the connected devices business, he has overseen the acquisition of digital health companies (Voluntis and Cohero Health) as well as equity investments in various startups like Propeller Health, Sonmol (China), and Navia (India).

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Voluntis was acquired by Aptar last year, a big investment on their part in the digital space.
  • Aptar is a publicly traded company that makes technology to optimize the effectiveness and adherence of drugs across many therapeutic areas.
  • Aptar Digital Health falls under the pharma segment of the Aptar organization.
  • Digital technology can provide guidance to patients to help them self-manage and be more connected with their healthcare team remotely.
  • Making data available to care teams remotely brings clinical benefits and generates savings for the healthcare system.
  • Aptar Digital Health has one of the largest portfolios of collaborations in digital therapeutics in the global pharma market.
  • Enhancing patient experiences lead to better engagement and in turn, outcomes.


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Sai ShankarPresident, Aptar Digital Health

Pierre LeurentPresident, Aptar Digital Health

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