Tuesday, May 9, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S3 Ep37: The Future of Healthcare for the Labor Workforce—featuring Matthew Condon

Technology innovation can revolutionize the compensation and healthcare experience of workers.

Matthew Condon, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bardavon Health Innovations, believes employee healthcare delivery needs to be reformed and shares his thoughts in this episode. Historically, workers’ healthcare has been divided into benefits and compensation for work-related injuries. Still, a shift is happening amongst employers towards providing their associates with good healthcare, something that current digital, cloud-based prevention tools can enhance even more. Matthew explains how the tools Bardavon is betting on allow employers to understand the type of care their employees receive and help providers learn from each other to maximize the care experience. Matthew sees musculoskeletal treatments as an entry point to integrate new technology and create quantifiable results that incentivize change.

Tune in to learn more about how Bardavon is revolutionizing healthcare for the labor workforce!

About Matthew Condon:

As the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Bardavon Health Innovations, LLC, Matthew J. Condon works tirelessly as a staunch advocate for transparency in healthcare and champions technology innovation within the industry that benefits injured Workers’ Compensation patients. He has been recognized nationally as an entrepreneur to watch by repeatedly forming game-changing companies that bring positive disruption to the marketplace. Bardavon is no different. With Bardavon, Matt has combined his passion for the industry and desire to make a difference with his storied experience of successfully running startups. The resulting effort is an industry-leading, healthcare data analytics company focused on promoting a culture of transparency in the Workers’ Compensation sector.

Matt’s vision for Bardavon is to optimize the way patients, therapy providers, employers/carriers, and other key stakeholders interact with each other. By using clinical treatment data gathered through bNOTES®, its proprietary cloud-based clinical intelligence system, Bardavon is succeeding in its mission to change Workers’ Compensation. Combining clinical treatment data with claims data enables key stakeholders to define functional outcomes based on each individual patients’ health. 

By deploying the Bardavon system, employers/carriers reduce consumption while concurrently improving the quality of physical/occupational therapy treatments. And when these processes are integrated using the Bardavon Digital Health Platform™, regional and national employers/carriers have saved millions.

Bardavon is not Matt’s first foray into the world of healthcare, technology, and Worker’s Compensation. Matt founded ARC Physical Therapy+ (ARC) in 2003. It became one of the largest regional physical therapy clinics in the Midwest with 26 clinics in 2021, and over 100,000 annual patient visits. ARC was chosen as a Champion of Business by the Kansas City Business Journal for three straight years (2013, 2012 and 2011), earning a spot in the Hall of Champions. In 2013, ARC partnered with U.S. Physical Therapy Inc. and Matt started Bardavon. His focus was to build a platform where congruent companies could work together to focus on achieving optimized outcomes and returning injured Workers’ Compensation patients to full-duty. As we progress, Matt’s vision is to expand Bardavon’s footprint and move into the commercial musculoskeletal healthcare marketplace. 

As a nationally recognized thought leader, Matt is a sought-after speaker and an author in the fields of healthcare, technology, and Workers’ Compensation. He was named a regional finalist for the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” award, business magazine Ingram’s recognized Condon as a “Rainmaker,” and named him to its list of “40 under 40” high achievers, and since 2014, Condon has been included on the “Power 100” list published in the Kansas City Business Journal, which includes some of the most influential leaders in Kansas City’s business community.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Bardavon Health is an industry-leading healthcare data analytics company focused on promoting a culture of transparency in the worker's compensation sector.
  • One way to address the current labor shortage is to make workers feel honored and fulfilled and give them good healthcare access whenever they have an injury.
  • Worker's compensation is under the property and casualty section of their company’s insurance plan.
  • As musculoskeletal issues continue to be a significant problem in the United States, more and more stakeholders will see it as an entry point for change and improvement.
  • Employers are responsible for taking their injured employees and ensuring they get to a quality care provider.


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Matthew CondonFounder & Chief Executive Officer, Bardavon Health Innovations

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