Tuesday, May 2, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S3 Ep35: Is Primary Care the Answer?—featuring Scott Shreeve

Foundational primary care is the basis of excellent health.

In this episode, Scott Shreeve, Chief Executive Officer of Crossover Health, shares the importance of primary care and how it is foundational in the patient care continuum. Crossover Health works through sponsors to offer their in-person and virtual services, covering an extended primary care umbrella to which they add mental health, physical medicine, coaching, and care navigation. Scott explains why primary care should be an organizational catalyst for how the healthcare system flows, arguing it could drive secondary care costs down when focusing on the former as a holistic approach to patients. He also discusses why redesigning and implementing primary care must be met by payment models that provide affordable care.

Listen to this episode and learn how Crossover Health approaches primary care to improve healthcare overall!

About Scott Shreeve:

Dr. Shreeve is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician who has been actively involved in the design, development, and distribution of healthcare technologies that improve the delivery of care and enhance the quality of life. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Crossover Health, a next-generation healthcare delivery, and management services company. As a founder, visionary, and brand strategist for the organization, Dr. Shreeve has been a leading advocate for the creation of a new primary health model and membership-based health services.

Prior to founding Crossover Health, Dr. Shreeve co-founded Medsphere Systems Corporation, the first open-source electronic health record for the healthcare enterprise, where he led the Clients Services team. In this capacity, he led the implementation of large-scale electronic health record implementations at community hospitals, statewide health systems, and networks of primary care clinics.

Dr. Shreeve was also a founding member of the Health 2.0 technology and reform movement, serving as an advisor to the conference and spokesperson throughout the country. His popular Crossover Health blog focuses on the enabling technologies that transform the delivery, financing, and outcomes of high-performance health systems.

He earned his Bachelor of Science in Zoology, with a minor in Economics, from Brigham Young University, is a graduate of the University of Utah School of Medicine, and completed his Emergency Medicine residency training at the University of Arizona Health Science Center. He lives in Southern California with his wife and four children near some of the best breaks on the west coast.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Care before the COVID-19 pandemic was around 95% in-person. 
  • During the height of the COVID pandemic, care delivery occurred 95% virtually. 
  • Nowadays, care delivery is starting to settle somewhere around the middle between virtual and in-person.
  • Establishing deep relationships with patients in primary care will facilitate managing prevention and even chronic conditions.
  • Spending slightly more in primary care will allow additional significative services to be provided in this setting, eventually pulling down secondary care costs.
  • Crossover Health’s partnership with Aetna allowed them to design a different benefit structure where members get better copays and premiums.


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Scott Shreeve, MDChief Executive Officer, Crossover Health

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