Tuesday, Apr 25, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S3 Ep33: Creative Work Models for Clinical Labor—featuring Aamer Mumtaz

Revolutionizing the clinical labor marketplace in healthcare has always sounded challenging.

In this episode, Aamer Mumtaz, Senior Vice President of Growth and Operations, talks about how ShiftMed proposes a solution to the nurse staffing shortage with a technology-based platform for healthcare systems and facilities. As a society, nursing jobs still need to be given the financial incentives they deserve. ShiftMed seeks to change that with a flexible model that uses a W-2-based local workforce supported by the company and its platform to avoid contract labor. Aamer explains how the hiring system works and how employees can have a good work experience without worrying about transportation, thanks to a partnership with Uber.

Tune in to learn how ShiftMed’s work model takes care of healthcare workers so they can care for patients!

About Aamer Mumtaz:

Aamer is a healthcare operations and growth expert with over 20 years of broad-based experience as a transformation leader. In addition to advising complex healthcare systems and facilities on strategies to address systemic operational and strategic challenges, Aamer has served as a successful growth and operations executive in multiple digital health labor marketplaces. He has a particular focus on workforce transformation and is passionate about developing and implementing equitable and sustainable labor solutions in healthcare.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • There was about a 27% turnover for nursing in the United States in 2022; after 2023 more than half of healthcare systems will be in a severe shortage.
  • A third of all staffing dollars and a quarter of all staffing hours are provided by contract labor. 
  • Most travel nursing contracts range from 12 to 13 weeks on average.
  • Nurses have never had the right financial structures or incentives to consider patient care a career.
  • ShiftMed works with W-2 employees and pays their payroll taxes, giving them workers' compensation and other benefits like transportation.
  • ShiftMed allows health systems and facilities to book employees weeks in advance and change their needs as time comes close. Still, it also allows them to book guaranteed shifts, which are appealing to employees as they will have some security.



Aamer MumtazSenior Vice President of Growth and Operations, ShiftMed

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