Tuesday, Apr 18, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S3 Ep31: Ride Along With a New Player in Healthcare—featuring Caitlin Donovan

You probably know Uber, but did you know about its healthcare side?

In this episode, Caitlin Donovan, Global Head of Uber Health, talks about their place in the healthcare industry, being a new player that brings innovative solutions to address patients' needs with the technical processes they already know and manage well. Just like their well-known service, Uber Health counts on independent earners that can transport patients or deliver medications to them, an option that can benefit people like seniors, patients with complex chronic conditions, and employees who work for self-insured employers. Caitlin discusses Uber Health’s approach to overcoming care barriers and addressing patients’ social determinants of health by designing benefits for them and aligning incentives across healthcare. She also speaks about the three different ways they help employers facilitate access to care for their employees, and why it’s important to scale solutions while still meeting individual needs.

Listen to this episode to learn more about the ways Uber Health will make an impact in healthcare!

About Caitlin Donovan:

Caitlin Donovan is the Global Head of Uber Health. She joined Uber most recently from MyOrthos, an Orthodontic Services Organization, where she served as Chief Operating Officer. Prior to that, Caitlin developed her knack for tackling obstacles to patient care as Chief Operating Officer of Circulation and Executive Vice President of Operations at LogistiCare (now ModivCare), specialty benefit managers in the non-emergency medical transportation space. She also served as the Vice President of Operations at CareCentrix with a focus on home health and post-acute care. Early in her career, she worked in finance as an investor at Bain Capital and as a member of the internal consulting group at Summit Partners. She earned her bachelor's degree in Economics from Harvard University and lives in Dover, Massachusetts with her husband and two boys.


Things You’ll Learn:

  • Medicaid has had transportation as a covered benefit since 1966, but it’s not a benefit many know how to access.
  • Health plans are increasingly looking to include transportation within the portfolio of their benefits.
  • According to a recent study, within 5.1 million employees under self-insured employers, 27% live at 200% of the poverty line or below. 
  • The above-mentioned population uses preventative services 50% less, resulting in four times more avoidable admissions.
  • To register for WIC, it is required to go in person to an office before getting groceries delivered.
  • Logistics and value-based care will not solve healthcare’s problems on their own; It is important to think about the underlying issues to address them in a scalable way while they align with the system’s incentives.



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