Tuesday, Jan 10, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S3 Ep3: Technology for High-Quality Care—featuring Dr. Taha Kass-Hout

The next decade will be about making sense of all digitized data; to structure it, AI, the cloud, and machine learning will play an important role. 

Nowadays, patients walk around with thousands of unstructured data points on everything they interact with, their devices, the cloud, and their paper records. In this episode, Taha Kass-Hout, Director of Machine Learning and Chief Medical Officer at Amazon Web Services, talks about how AWS enables healthcare customers with AI, ML, and cloud technology to offer convenient, personalized, and high-quality care. They’ve developed purpose-built health services that extract and structure digitized information using analytics and machine learning. He breaks down the Amazon HealthLake Imaging and Analytics services, and briefly speaks about Comprehend and Transcribe Medical, all machine learning tools that allow storage, structure, and secure data analytics. 

Tune in and learn how AWS will help healthcare make the most out of patients’ data with the help of its new features!

About Taha Kass-Hout:

Taha Kass-Hout, MD, MS is the Director of Machine Learning and Chief Medical Officer at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and leads AWS Health AI strategy and efforts. He led teams at Amazon responsible for developing the science, technology, and scale for Covid-19 lab testing, including Amazon’s first FDA authorization for testing our associates—later offered to the public for at-home testing. A physician and bioinformatician, Taha served two terms under President Obama, including as the first Chief Health Informatics officer at the FDA. During this time as a public servant, he pioneered the use of emerging technologies and the cloud (the CDC’s electronic disease surveillance) and established widely accessible global data sharing platforms: openFDA, which enabled researchers and the public to search and analyze adverse events data, and precisionFDA, part of the Presidential Precision Medicine initiative. Taha holds Doctor of Medicine and Master of Science in biostatistics degrees from the University of Texas and completed clinical training in Interventional Cardiology at Harvard Medical School’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Amazon invented the cloud with Amazon Web Services, the widely available and adopted cloud platform with over 200 features and services from data centers worldwide. 
  • AWS helps healthcare and life science customers with breakthrough and ever-evolving medical innovations.
  • In the last ten years, digitized medical record data went from 15% to almost 98%. 
  • Although medical records are digitized, about 97% of this data goes unused.
  • Amazon HealthLake allows customers to store, transform, and analyze their structured and unstructured health information in the cloud at a petabyte scale. 
  • Amazon HealthLake has an Imaging service and an Analytics service.
  • Just looking at medical imaging, 5.5 billion studies and procedures are done every year globally, which doubles the amount made ten years ago.
  • Healthcare costs $8 trillion globally, and yet, 40% of the world’s population currently doesn't have access to care.


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