Thursday, Mar 23, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S3 Ep25: De-Risking Digital Health Startups—featuring Missy Krasner

Starting a company in the healthcare space is incredibly difficult, as founders face regulatory hurdles, high security standards and complicated reimbursement policies, among many other challenges.


But what if you had an expert to help you assemble a founding team and shepherd you through the first 15 months of being a startup?

What if there was a platform to streamline the complex process of launching a health company?

Missy Krasner is Venture Chair at Redesign Health, where she sits on the boards for Uplift, Overalls and Motto.

A seasoned healthcare operator, Missy has more than 30 years of experience in digital health, most notably serving as a founding member of the Alexa Health & Wellness Team at Amazon.

On this episode of HLTH Matters, Missy joins host Dr. Jessica Shepherd to discuss how Redesign Health serves as a company creation platform for healthcare services, describing how her team bends the risk curve for digital health startups.

Missy walks us through some of the obstacles to providing services and solutions in the health tech space and weighs in on what we might do to fix the issues with electronic medical records.

Listen in to understand how Redesign creates efficiencies in the process of launching companies across the healthcare spectrum, meeting the needs of patients and providers while keeping pace with the trajectory of science and research.

Topics Covered

  • Meeting the needs of patients and providers while keeping pace with science
  • How Redesign Health serves as a company creation platform for healthcare services
  • What Redesign does to bend the risk curve for digital health startups
  • The obstacles to providing services and solutions in the health technology space
  • How we might change the perverse incentives in healthcare to reward quality
  • What the competition among big tech and retailers to own consumer-centric virtual primary means for hospitals, health systems and patients
  • Redesign Health’s strength in assembling founding teams for healthcare companies
  • Why so many providers struggle to stay up to speed on innovation
  • How Missy thinks about fixing the problems with electronic medical records
  • Why it’s so challenging to get medical records from point A to point B


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