Tuesday, Mar 21, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S3 Ep24: Collaboration and Integration for Pharma Evolution—featuring Manny Montalvo

One day Teva hopes to predict and even prevent an asthma attack from ever happening.

Manny Montalvo, SVP, Head of Digital Health and Innovation at Teva Pharmaceuticals, talks about the transformation in the pharmaceutical sector towards digital integration, platform businesses, and collaboration within the industry. Teva integrates molecules, devices, and software to allow the end user to document and measure how their medication works for them, specializing in asthma and respiratory care. Therefore, Teva constantly gets customer feedback about its platform to focus on the enhancements, features, and benefits that need to be added or updated. Only through this feedback can they evolve in the digital health space. Manny also speaks about the collaborative approach the company is taking by partnering with other tech and pharmaceutical companies to reach more patients, improve the technology, and actually deliver an entire ecosystem that supports patients’ journeys.

Tune in to learn how the pharmaceutical sector is evolving and how Teva Pharmaceuticals embraces this transformation!

About Manny Montalvo:

Manny Montalvo is SVP, Head of Digital Health & Innovation at Teva Pharmaceuticals since September 2021. Manny is responsible for overseeing the US Respiratory business, the US commercial innovation work, and the US and GLOBAL DIGIHALER® franchise. Manny’s digital health team at Teva is entirely homegrown and have pioneered a class of digital pharmaceutical devices - a rarity in the pharmaceutical industry. Manny’s charge at Teva is to encourage the use of digital therapeutics as part of the healthcare experience, making it seamless for both the healthcare providers and the patients they serve. With over 20 years of life-science experience, Manny Montalvo has held leadership roles in both Sales and Marketing, working in numerous therapeutic areas in the US and global markets, as well as in R&D and Commercial Operations. 

Prior to assuming his current role, Manny Montalvo served as the Vice President of Global Digital Health Marketing & Commercial Analytics at Teva Pharmaceuticals where he set the strategic direction for Teva’s biologic program and Digital Health Marketing and transformation of Teva’s Global Commercial Analytics. Manny joined Teva in 2013 to lead its R&D Innovation program as Vice President of Global New Therapeutic Entities (NTE) Innovation where he focused on evaluation of the latest drug delivery technologies and drug development, adding more than 15 new products into Teva’s specialty portfolio. 

Prior to joining Teva, Manny held leadership positions with P&L responsibilities at Sanofi and Johnson & Johnson. During his tenure at Sanofi and J&J, Manny worked in a variety of commercial roles including consumer marketing, driving growth for a range of portfolios including diabetes, dermatology, cardiovascular and primary care. 


Things You’ll Learn:

  • Two out of five medicines in your cabinet are likely from Teva.
  • A platform business has a feedback loop with customers.
  • To innovate, one has to have a collaborative space supported by management.
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals is partnering with Rimidi and HealthSnap, integrating their data as a step closer to fulfilling their mission. 
  • The more patients on Teva’s platform, the better the technology gets.
  • About 40% of Teva’s digital space workers did not come from the traditional pharma industry. 


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Manny MontalvoSVP Head of Digital Health & Innovation, Teva Pharmaceuticals

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