Thursday, Feb 23, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S3 Ep17: How to Disrupt Healthcare (Responsibly)—featuring Ruby Gadelrab 

Healthcare is a $4 trillion industry just waiting to be disrupted. But because people’s lives are at stake, we must disrupt the space responsibly.

And that’s why every digital health company needs clinical experts on their teams and advisory boards.

Ruby Gadelrab is Cofounder and CEO of MDisrupt, a health advisory platform on a mission to organize the world's digital health products by performance through clinically crowdsourced data generation.

Ruby has created a two-sided marketplace that pairs domain experts in healthcare with digital health companies in desperate need of high quality, actionable expertise.

On this episode of HLTH Matters, Ruby joins hosts Dr. Jordan Schlain and Dr. Jessica Shepherd to explain why there is so little clinical representation in digital health startups and how MDisrupt pairs health tech companies with the right expert at the right time.


Ruby describes how MDisrupt vets clinicians to become part of its health expert network and discusses how clinicians are compensated for their time.


Listen in to understand the benefits of a having a medical advisory board and learn how MDisrupt helps health tech innovators accelerate their path to market and drive adoption.


Topics Covered

  • Ruby’s take on what it means to disrupt healthcare responsibly
  • Why it’s crucial for health tech companies to have clinical expertise on their teams
  • How MDisrupt provides an on-demand health expert marketplace
  • Ruby’s vision for MDisrupt to organize the world’s digital health products by performance
  • How MDisrupt vets clinicians to become part of its health expert network
  • How clinicians are compensated for being part of MDisrupt
  • Why there is so little clinical representation in digital health startups
  • Why health tech companies without medical advisory boards struggle with adoption
  • How Ruby’s team pairs a health tech company with the right expert at the right time
  • The market insight that inspired Ruby to build MDisrupt
  • How to assess your current advisory board and align incentives appropriately
  • Leveraging digital health to support underserved populations


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Ruby GadelrabCEO and Co-founder, MDisrupt

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