Tuesday, Feb 21, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S3 Ep16: Life-changing Care for Anxiety, Depression, & More—featuring Brad Kittredge and Mimi Winsberg

Navigating the mental healthcare space can be very frustrating for patients.

In this episode, Brightside Health co-founders Brad Kittredge (CEO), and Mimi Winsberg (CMO), talk about how the company uses its virtual platform to provide access to good mental healthcare to individuals resulting in improved outcomes and engagement. They discuss how they address gaps in the mental healthcare space, such as access, quality, and lack of high-acuity treatment for patients with high-severity symptoms or comorbid medical conditions. With the help of a digitized evidence-based mode, patients and providers can connect safely, in real-time, and with quick feedback. Brad and Mimi also explain their work with payers to meet all necessary standards and make their virtual service widely accessible.

Tune in and listen to the game-changing platform Brightside Health brings to the mental healthcare space!

About Brad Kittredge:

Brad Kittredge, Co-founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Brightside Health has spent over a decade pioneering evidence-based and consumer-driven healthcare solutions, including building the Product teams at 23andMe and Lantern. Inspired by the challenges of a close family member with lifelong depression, Brad’s mission is to ensure that everyone has access to life-changing mental health care with measurably better outcomes. He holds an MPH, MBA, and Psychology degrees from the University of California, Berkeley.

About Mimi Winsberg:

Brightside Health Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer Mimi Winsberg, MD, a Stanford-trained psychiatrist with over 25 years of clinical experience, has profound expertise in the application of digital tools and therapeutics that impact behavioral health. Mimi leads and oversees Brightside’s psychiatry and therapy clinical programs, with a focus on optimizing engagement and outcomes in individuals with mental health conditions across the range of severity. Prior to Brightside, Mimi applied her clinical skills in leadership roles at Ginger and Lyra, as well as serving as the on-site psychiatrist at the Facebook wellness center. Mimi also holds a B.A. in Neuroscience from Harvard College and is on the leadership council of Brainstorm, the Stanford Laboratory for Brain Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Patients with higher-severity mental symptoms are bounced around.
  • Brightside digitized the Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality and combined it with standard care to develop their remote patient monitoring platform.
  • Brightside is launching Crisis Care, a national program for patients experiencing active suicidal ideation.
  • About 50,000 people take their own lives in the US every year, and for every suicide death, over 200 are seriously considering suicide.
  • One demonstrates their impact on healthcare through peer review.
  • Virtual care has become on par with in-person care, aside from physical exams in the mental health space.
  • Payers can see the data that backs the work Brightside has been doing as effective in a measurable way in terms of clinical and financial impact.


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Brad KittredgeChief Executive Officer, Brightside Health

Mimi Winsberg, MDChief Medical Officer and Co-Founder, Brightside Health

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