Thursday, Feb 16, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S3 Ep15: How to Be Kind to Your Mind—featuring Russell Glass

The World Health Organization estimates that one billion people have a mental health condition, but 70% of them aren't getting care.

So, what is the best way to address this supply-demand imbalance?

How do we help someone with a clinical diagnosis manage their condition? And what can we do to support the mental health needs of people before they develop a serious issue?


Russell Glass is CEO of Headspace Health, the world’s most comprehensive and accessible mental health care platform.


Russ leads the company in helping create a world where everyone is kind to their mind by way of mindfulness and meditation tools, behavioral health coaching, therapy and psychiatry services.


On this episode of HLTH Matters, Russ joins host Dr. Guatam Gulati to explore the root causes of the mental health crisis in the US and explain the benefit of a virtual-first approach to care.


Russ discusses how Headspace helps its members get the right level of care and what his team does to alert the appropriate authorities when a user has suicidal or homicidal intent.

Listen in for Russ’ insight on the over-prescription of psychotropic drugs like Lexapro and learn how to prevent serious mental health issues with a simple mindfulness and meditation practice.

Topics Covered

  • Headspace Health’s mission to transform mental health care
  • The supply-demand imbalance that inspired Russ’ work in mental health
  • Why Russ takes a broad definition of mental health
  • How Headspace offers mindfulness/meditation, behavioral health coaching and therapy services
  • When virtual mental health interventions are appropriate and when in-person care works best
  • How fast we adopted virtual mental health solutions during COVID
  • The root causes of the mental health crisis in the US
  • How Headspace helps its members get the right level of care
  • How to prevent serious mental health issues with mindfulness and meditation
  • How Russ thinks about crime being attributed to the mental health crisis in the US 
  • What Headspace does to alert the appropriate authorities when a member has suicidal or homicidal intent


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Social Determinants of Health

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Mental Health Assessment

Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale

‘Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction vs. Escitalopram for the Treatment of Adults with Anxiety Disorders’ in JAMA Psychiatry


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