Wednesday, Feb 8, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S3 Ep12: Data for Better Patient Interactions—featuring Jordan Penn

Never again will providers have to start from zero again.

In this episode, Jordan Penn, Senior Principal Sales Engineer at Inovalon, talks about how DataStream API can be a powerful digital integrated tool for care delivery and dives into the evolution of technologies of that sort in healthcare. DataStream API delivers patient-specific insights from existing EMRs to providers at the point of care to make the encounter more efficient and fruitful for both parties. Jordan provides a history lesson to explain how policies like the HITECH Act, the 21st Century Cures Act, and the FHIR standard have enabled better interoperability and access within the healthcare sector. On those connectivity grounds, DataStream API can serve clinically rich data in a better way to improve healthcare interactions.

Tune in and learn about Inovalon’s digital solution that will make healthcare work easier for everybody!

About Jordan Penn:

In the past decade, Jordan Penn has spent his healthcare career as a storyteller, leveraging healthcare data and analytics to follow the patient journey, assist in research, and more. His expert knowledge of medical and pharmacy claims, lab data, and EMR/EHR data has made extraordinary contributions for his clients, and he has also been deeply involved with analyzing patient journeys to support HEOR studies.

At Inovalon, Jordan is a Sr. Principal Sales Engineer, working cross-functionally between sales, product, engineering, marketing, and legal to bring new ideas to existing product offerings. When Jordan is not busy bringing healthcare data to life to inform and improve treatment, he enjoys quality time with his wife and daughter in New Jersey and is an avid weightlifter.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • DataStream can connect to existing EMRs and is EHR agnostic.
  • DataStream seeks to work with clients who lack or have too much data. 
  • DataStream helps customers demystify or declutter what they have to assist providers with the insights they need when treating a patient.
  • The HITECH act incentivized providers and hospitals to adopt electronic health records, increasing from 10% of hospitals in 2008 to over 95% for hospitals and 85% of providers eight years later.
  • The 21st Century Cures Act vouched for interoperability and access to medical patient information without any particular need by the user.
  • DataStream can help doctors have information about their patients on their first visit and help them establish an excellent medical relationship with them.



Jordan PennSenior Principal Sales Engineer, Inovalon

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