Tuesday, Jan 3, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S3 Ep1: Disrupting Episodic Care with Technology—featuring Dr. Jaime Murillo

Technology can build health journeys centered on consumers.

In this episode, Jaime Murillo, Senior VP and Chief CardioMetabolic Health Officer at Optum Labs talk about responsibly leveraging technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data to enhance healthcare for everyone in an affordable, engaging, effective, and equitable way. Jaime explains how to improve communication within healthcare with the help of extended care teams, attending to consumers' needs after they’ve left their provider’s office and thus putting an end to episodic care. 

He discusses the transition that needs to happen in the industry toward a consumer-centric approach and transfer that care outside the brick-and-mortar sites. He also explains why UnitedHealth Group wants to build systems that will identify gaps in care without losing the human touch within journeys.

Tune in to learn how Dr. Murillo uses technology to humanize and bring healthcare to the consumer!

About Jaime Murillo:

Dr. Jaime Murillo is a Senior VP and the Chief CardioMetabolic Health Officer at Optum Labs. 

He is focused on disruptive care delivery solutions to improve health in the community using AI-powered technology, social-behavioral determinants of health, and community-based collaboration. His work also includes advanced analytics to identify gaps in care with an emphasis on health equity and AI/ML-based phenotyping and multi-omics to advance precision medicine. 

Before his current role at Optum Labs, he spent 2 years at UnitedHealthcare as the national lead for cardiovascular and ED services. This work focused on simple innovation and value-based transformation of care and affordability. He is a cardiologist from Yale University with a background in computer sciences and basic science and clinical research at Harvard Medical School and outcomes research at Yale University.

He is a former IBM Watson Health collaborator on the clinical implementation of machine learning in the cardiovascular field. He practiced cardiology with a subspecialty in imaging for 20 years at Sentara Health. Within Sentara, he played several executive roles with a focus on leadership development and consumer strategies. Outside of work Jaime enjoys watching his son play tennis, watching movies with his wife, and practicing Pilates.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • In healthcare, communication is one of the areas with significant improvement opportunities.
  • By 2025, about $300 billion in care will be delivered to consumers' homes.
  • UnitedHealth Group also works with a sense of purpose, their recent merger with LHC seeks to build care in communities and at homes.
  • Healthcare solutions today are based on clinical components and other different determinants of health.
  • Algorithms can now be built to allow the identification of those who may have a condition before it develops any complications.
  • Medical solutions today cannot exclusively take into account clinical data, they need to look at the patient holistically. 


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Jaime Murillo, MDSenior Vice President, OptumLabs

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