Thursday, Jun 22, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S3 Ep 50: Telehealth Tools to Improve Care Delivery—featuring Shayan Vyas

Technology is a force multiplier for care delivery; how can we leverage it better?

In this episode, Shayan Vyas, Senior Vice President and Medical Director of Clinical Operations for the Hospital and Health Systems Business Unit at Teladoc Health, talks about how they use tele-technology to advance care delivery in ambulatory care and inpatient modalities. Teladoc helps health systems virtually scale, reduce costs, and help their members with mental telehealth, chronic disease management, and virtual nursing. Dr. Vyas explains the simple workings of virtual nursing and the benefits it can bring to the current nurse shortage by helping with training, documentation efficiency, and job satisfaction. He also mentions the evolution of technology inside hospital rooms will improve the patient experience and the clinician experience.

Tune in to learn more about virtual nursing and the future of tele-technology in healthcare! 

About Shayan Vyas:

Dr. Shayan Vyas serves as SVP and medical director of clinical operations for the hospital and health systems business unit of Teladoc Health. As part of his clinical operations duties, Dr. Vyas manages the Teladoc Health Medical Group and employed physician group in addition to his responsibility for improving platform efficiency for physician throughput. Within the hospital and health systems business unit, Dr. Vyas is the leading physician with reasonability extending to existing partners to advance virtual care strategies of hospitals and health systems that purchase Teladoc Health products, devices, and services.  


Dr. Vyas is an executive leader, practicing intensivist, and telehealth physician with more than 10 of virtual health experience. Prior to joining Teladoc Health, he worked with multiple digital health vendors and patient engagement companies, and he led the launch of the first multi-hospital telehealth program in the US.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Almost 60% of nurses’ bedside tasks are not physical, like taking histories, answering questions, checking monitor measures, or addressing other concerns.
  • 90% of nurses believe the quality of care struggles because of the nursing shortage.
  • Virtual nurses can take care of non-physical tasks, help new nurses with training or knowledge from their previous experience, and unburden floor nurses from the documentation processes.
  • With today’s technology, inpatient hospital rooms have the potential to be upgraded and improve everyone’s care delivery experience. 
  • Teladoc Health recently acquired InTouch Health, a provider of telehealth solutions for health systems and hospitals.



Shayan VyasSVP & Medical Director of Clinical Operations, Teladoc Health

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