Thursday, Aug 18, 2022 | 12:00 AM ET

S2 Ep17: Just How Much Can Remote Patient Monitoring Technology Scale? —featuring Dan Vahdat

Since the pandemic many health care providers have shifted to a remote approach. Though, not every provider looks to improve the root of total health. How can we power proactive, predictive health from real-time patient data with prevention in mind - all remotely?

Dan Vahdat is the CEO and Founder of Medopad, a global HealthTech AI company with a vision to create a world where people can live longer. His professional career spans from IT to medical technology including several years at Johns Hopkins University.

On this episode of HLTH Matters, Dan joins hosts Dr. Gautam Gulati and Dr. Jordan Shlain to discuss the future of remote patient monitoring not only in the U.S. but in countries around the entire world. He describes exactly how the remote monitoring process works for clients at Huma, the constraints found in America compared to other countries, as well as how technology can help at a scale compared to physical care alone. Listen in to how Huma is working with countries all over the world to provide remote care that brings each patient proactive data that allows Huma to power predictive health and prevention.

Topics Covered

  • What Huma does and how the company came about
  • How the remote monitoring process works at Huma
  • What the exact care process looks like for clients
  • How technology innovations have benefited the health care system
  • How Dan and his team are handling the flow of communications at Huma
  • Dan’s insight on the differences being seen in remote patient monitoring in the US versus in European countries
  • The biggest constraints found in America with remote healthcare
  • Dan’s insight on the non-traditional players who act as competition
  • What the future of Huma and Remote Patient Monitoring looks like
  • The possible limits with remote telehealth
  • How Dan defines health
  • How Dan defines health care as care with a smile


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Introductory Quote


“In the past 18 months we have done national projects. Not one hospital, not two hospitals, not one region - across large scale countries as big as Germany, UK, France and not only modern countries but countries like India…and so on. Projects that are quite big..We have shipped millions of devices for our projects…This showed that technology can help at scale.


Dan VahdatCEO & Founder, Huma

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