Monday, Feb 19, 2024 | 12:00 AM ET

S1 E12: The Beat: The Future of Home Healthcare

Envision a platform for revolutionizing home-based care through cutting-edge technology, addressing challenges for a more reliable, efficient, and patient-centric experience. 

In this episode, Vijay Kedar, Founder and CEO of Tomorrow Health, discusses the innovative ways the company is transforming home-based healthcare. Vijay shares his personal experience of managing his mother's home-based care, which inspired him to establish a company dedicated to streamlining home-based healthcare coordination. He explains the complexities of the home healthcare market and discusses how Tomorrow Health uses technology and partnerships to address the challenges in this space. Vijay delves into the pain points they address for different stakeholders, their approach to stakeholder acquisition and engagement, and the role of artificial intelligence in driving efficiency. 

Join Chitra and Vijay as they explore the innovative solutions Tomorrow Health offers to improve the home-based care experience for millions of Americans.

About Vijay Kedar:

Vijay Kedar, co-founder and CEO of Tomorrow Health, was raised in a family of physicians, often joking that he was “pre-med coming out of the womb.” However, it wasn’t until he took on managing his mother's care through stage III colorectal cancer and acute respiratory distress syndrome that the idea for Tomorrow Health was born. In this episode, Kedar speaks with host Steve Krupa about using technology to coordinate high-quality home-based care for patients and families who find securing such care increasingly difficult to navigate.

Kedar also discusses how home-based care improves health outcomes, alleviates the administrative and healthcare burden for providers, and is often the most economical option for patients requiring long-term treatment. He says, “Treating a patient with the same conditions at home can be one-tenth the cost of doing so in a hospital-based setting and one-third the cost of doing so in a post-acute setting like a skilled nursing facility.” Kedar goes on to outline how Tomorrow Health’s launch during the pandemic essentially changed how home-based care was ordered, delivered, and purchased to meet an ever-growing demand.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Tomorrow Health emphasizes the use of technology and strategic partnerships to enhance the efficiency of coordinating and delivering home-based healthcare. 
  • Tomorrow Health’s commitment aims to provide patients and families across the nation with more dependable and higher-quality care.
  • Vijay highlighted the significance of tackling distinct challenges faced by different stakeholders in the home-based care ecosystem. 
  • Through aligning incentives and consistently offering value propositions, Tomorrow Health is expediting the acquisition, engagement, and retention of stakeholders. This strategic approach is paving the way for widespread market adoption.
  • Tomorrow Health is utilizing the capabilities of artificial intelligence to automate operational processes, diminish manual workload, and expedite the delivery of home-based care to patients. 


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Vijay KedarCEO & Co-Founder, Tomorrow Health

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