Monday, Nov 27, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

S1 E1: The Beat: AI's Impact on Healthcare Growth

Imagine a platform seamlessly integrating virtual, in-person, and home care through cutting-edge digital and AI technologies for a holistic healthcare experience

In this episode, Ashok Chennuru, Global Chief Data and Insights Officer at Elevance Health shares insights on the strategies and initiatives at Elevance Health, the largest health insurer in the country. Ashok shares the mental map of Elevance Health's three businesses, highlighting the comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions they offer to serve over 119 million lives. He also delves into the strategic priorities for growth in each segment, shedding light on the use of digital platforms, data-driven insights, and the harnessing of AI to drive meaningful advances. Ashok emphasizes how AI has been incorporated into every function across the organization, including streamlining operations, predictive analytics, and enhancing consumer and provider experiences. Ashok provides insights into Elevance Health's engagement with the startup ecosystem, detailing the criteria for vendor partnerships and the focus on scalable opportunities that benefit not only Elevance Health but also the broader healthcare landscape.

Join us as we explore the intersection of healthcare, technology, and responsible AI with Ashok Chennuru.

About Ashok Chennuru:

Ashok Chennuru serves as Global Chief Data & Insights Officer and Interim Lead of Carelon Digital Platforms. Ashok oversees the responsibility of carrying out the vision of Carelon Digital Platforms and bringing to life digital solutions that enhance healthcare outcomes and accelerate growth by reimagining care delivery, operations, and consumer experiences. He uses data analytics to drive a digital-first approach across the company's artificial intelligence (AI), exponential technology, service experience, and innovation portfolios, as well as the commercialization efforts of digital capabilities for consumers, care providers, and the health ecosystem.

Prior to his current role, Ashok served as Vice President of Enterprise Data and Analytics for Anthem, Inc. for 8 years, as Director of Enterprise Information Architecture at Wellpoint for 6 years, and as Enterprise Technologist at Liberty Mutual for 6 years. He has over two decades of industry experience, where he has played a critical role in driving innovation and growth.

Prior to joining Elevance Health, Ashok led the Information Business Intelligence team at Liberty Mutual and focused on delivering analytics to key business areas like Actuarial & Finance. Preceding Liberty Mutual, Ashok worked in software giants SAP and Oracle as a software development engineer focused on analytics products.

Ashok holds a master’s degree (MS) in Computer Science from the University of Missouri and a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from Madurai University in India.


Things You’ll Learn:

  • Elevance Health utilizes AI for automation, analytics, and improving consumer and provider experiences. 
  • By leveraging a robust data set from administrative claims, EMR data, and social and behavioral data, Elevance Health drives AI-driven insights for personalized care recommendations and closing care gaps.
  • Elevance Health emphasizes responsible AI, ensuring fairness, inclusivity, robustness, security, traceability, and accountability in its AI practices. 
  • The core priority of using digital platforms for health is to enhance the consumer experience, including AI-driven solutions like symptom checkers and virtual care.
  • The use of AI has already delivered tangible results, from personalized provider matches to streamlining prior authorizations, significantly improving consumer and provider experiences while driving operational efficiencies.



Ashok ChennuruVice President, Global Chief Data & Insights Officer, Elevance Health

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