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How CLEAR is Replacing the Clipboard in Healthcare

David BardanGM, Head of Healthcare, CLEAR


Anyone who has been to their doctor’s office knows that you will likely spend more time filling out duplicative paperwork than you will speaking with your doctor. Filling out your name and medical history again and again (and again) on effectively the same form isn't just frustrating– it is a waste of time for both patients and providers. 

The reality is that despite more than two decades of digital innovation, the doctors’ office remains buried in antiquated and inefficient paperwork that costs precious time and money. We at CLEAR believe the solution begins with creating a single, universal identity that will deliver a safer and easier experience for all. 

Our Vision: A Universal Health Identity

At CLEAR, our mission in healthcare is to replace the clipboard in the same way we have replaced the need for physical IDs at airports. We started in one of the most highly regulated spaces – aviation security – and we’ve since built and earned the trust of the Department of Homeland Security, 17+ million members, and dozens of partners by delivering a secure, friction-free experience that saves time and strengthens security. 

We are already partnering with University of Miami Health, Wellstar Health, Health Gorilla, and other leading health institutions to help patients create a universal health identity that provides a more seamless and secure trip to the doctor’s office. Our technology better protects patients’ privacy and saves them from filling out tedious paperwork, saves providers time having to manually process that paperwork, and empowers healthcare heroes to do what they do best – provide world-class care and save lives.

How it Works

In healthcare, one of the central problems is that patients’ information is fragmented across different databases and health systems which too often can’t “talk” to each other, making it difficult for patients to access their own information. 

CLEAR changes this by providing a single account that empowers patients to securely access and control their health information. It seamlessly connects patients’ disparate health information – their insurance, their copay, their credit card, and their electronic medical records – using a single sign on, HIPAA-compliant account up to an IAL2 assurance level. 

The process is simple – patients are prompted for a selfie and a photo of their government issued ID, followed by some basic questions that allow them to opt-in to securely access, control and share their own personal health information with authorized users. Once complete, patients can check into a doctor’s appointment, pick up a prescription, share their electronic medical history and records, verify their identity and up-to-date insurance information, and more – minus the clipboard. 

Patient and Provider Benefits

Beyond the hours of time saved by eliminating the need to manually re-enter biographic and health history at every doctor’s visit, there are many other real benefits to patients and providers, including: 

  • Increasing Engagement In Healthcare – We believe giving patients the freedom and control to access their records will help them be more proactive and engaged in their care – leading to better outcomes, improved satisfaction, and lower costs overall. 
  • Enhanced Privacy and Security of Patient Information – In an age where fraud and medical identity theft are increasingly common, a single, universal health identity provides a crucial layer of protection for healthcare organizations, safeguards the privacy and security of patient information, and ensures that only authorized users can access patient records – all while increasing convenience and functionality. 
  • More Patient-Focused Care – Redundant paperwork doesn’t just waste patients’ time, it takes medical professionals away from patients to field questions, respond to emails and faxes, and navigate antiquated authorization and medical record forms. Eliminating this will empower providers to spend more time on patient care and reduce the burden on overworked staff.

CLEAR’s universal health identity will deliver an entirely reimagined patient experience that saves time and eliminates frustration, while empowering providers to be more efficient and devote more time to their patients’ care. We are excited about this next step in our mission to create a world that allows people to move easily, safely, and securely simply by being themselves. 

To learn more about CLEAR’s identity verification technology, please reach out to our team by visiting and find us at HLTH 2023 (Meeting Pod 2169). 


David Bardan is the Head of Healthcare at CLEAR, the secure identity platform that connects you to all the things that make you, you – making everyday experiences easier, more secure, and friction-free. 

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