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HLTH Launches New Insights Program Series – Debuting with Pharma and Life Sciences

Alison DroneHead of Strategy, HLTH


Preparations are in full swing for HLTH 2023, and we are excited to introduce an exclusive addition to our suite of offerings – The HLTH Insights Programs. Specifically designed to accelerate awareness of emergent issues among health leaders, these programs target key segments of the healthcare ecosystem. 

This deep-dive, thought-leadership series will raise visibility for pressing industry topics relevant to pharma and life sciences, payers, physicians, and innovators and offer sponsoring opportunities for aligned companies. The HLTH Insights Programs aim to spotlight crucial healthcare issues, delving into major challenges and significant advancements motivating today’s health leaders.

As healthcare continues to evolve, HLTH presents an extraordinary platform for thought leaders to direct the trajectory of healthcare towards better quality and access, personalized treatments, and a more compassionate patient experience. 

Our inaugural Pharma and Life Sciences Insights Program – Leveraging Innovation for Better Health: Advancing Drug Discovery and Outcomes in the Digital Age – will kick off at HLTH 2023 on Sunday, October 8, from 11:30 am – 1:50 pm PT. Hosted in collaboration with Fierce Pharma, the program aims to demystify the promising potential and complexities of digital advancements, focusing on their real-world application in reshaping healthcare and promoting a healthier future for all.

Geared towards industry leaders, technology collaborators, researchers, innovators, healthcare providers, and patient advocates, this exclusive event offers immersive learning, networking opportunities across sectors, and insights into the latest innovations driving therapeutic discovery and improved patient health. The key themes include:

Technological Triumphs: Groundbreaking Technologies Reshaping Healthcare

Envision a world where machine learning models can predict the likelihood of disease relapse, or deep learning algorithms can unravel potential drug targets within vast genomic data. This isn't a distant dream but a present reality being refined and perfected in labs and tech hubs across the globe.

Delve into the remarkable triumphs of advanced technology and how it’s transforming healthcare and optimizing drug discovery. Our expert panel will explore the impact of precision diagnostics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, and more. These advanced technologies are not just augmenting our understanding of disease but also solving complex clinical research issues, from enabling automated data harmonization and enhanced predictive modeling to paving the way for personalized medicine. 

Digital Deliberations: The Ins and Outs of Implementing a Digital Strategy 

Imagine the impact of AI-enabled clinical trials, where algorithms efficiently handle patient recruitment, monitoring, and data analysis, saving both time and resources. Consider the potential benefits of adopting advanced tech capabilities to unlock better health outcomes for patients. These considerations are the stepping stones to a more streamlined and inclusive healthcare system.

Explore the integration and scaling of digital and advanced technologies within healthcare and clinical research. Our panelists will examine the capacity of digital tools to diminish drug development risks, reduce costs, increase clinical trial safety and efficiency, and diversify trial participants. We will go deep into the practicalities and challenges of building a robust digital strategy from leveraging external partnerships to improving infrastructural capabilities to enable better health and treatment outcomes for patients.

Real World Opportunities: Actualizing the Power of Digital Health Solutions

Consider a future where technology evolves to foresee more complex health risks, enabling early interventions and AI-driven care is personalized, predictive, and proactive. It's not science fiction; it's the future of healthcare – a future we're building today.

Take an in-depth look at the transformative potential of digital health solutions, moving beyond the hype to understand the latest technology innovations that are enabling better patient care and outcomes. Our panelists will dive into the significant implications of digital health interventions, from managing chronic conditions to shifting towards personalized, predictive in-home care.

We will explore how real-time patient engagement, coupled with the continuous collection of real-world data, creates unique opportunities for accelerating clinical trial recruitment, enhancing patient diversity, improving trial safety and retention, and delivering more personal, predictive insights and treatment options.

The HLTH Insights Programs are included as part of your HLTH 2023 registration so be sure to join us for these exciting sessions spotlighting the transformative potential of digital technology on drug discovery and patient outcomes and more! With the HLTH Insights Programs and our esteemed panels of scientists, digital health experts, innovators, and tech pioneers, we aim to light the way forward. Together, let's explore the power and potential of innovation in shaping a healthier, more inclusive future. Don’t miss out. 

Grab your pass today.

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