Wednesday, Oct 13, 2021 | 12:00 AM ET

Simplify Your Digital Journey to Support Human-Centered Care

Disruptive innovation is essential in a healthcare ecosystem. Rapid scientific and technological advances, regulatory changes and shifting demographics all combine to create an environment of constant change. Without disruptive innovation and a culture of trust, our health and wellbeing also suffer. 

NTT DATA enables healthcare providers, health plans and life sciences organizations to accelerate their digital transformation. Our highly experienced team of experts can help you provide human-centered, high-quality, accessible and affordable healthcare services and adopt better ways of developing personalized treatments that advance the welfare of all.

We’re honored to be a Title Sponsor of HLTH 2021. 

Visit us at the event (Booth 614) or online to learn how we simplify the digital journey and enable you to create a connected healthcare ecosystem that is human by design.  

Please join NTT DATA’s Chief Clinical Innovation Officer, Michael Peterson, M.D., on Sunday, Oct. 17 from 9:30 am-1 pm for a special impact session:

Systemic Health Activism: Designing for Equity

The 2021 HLTH Equity Impact Program will explore the roots of health injustice, shine a light on areas of progress and seek to identify the most effective approaches to instilling activism into healthcare as a lasting value, mindset and approach to achieving health equity. Join us for a program that welcomes all speakers and attendees in an inclusive environment where confronting health injustice is invited and expected.

Video transcript:

The vision of health and well-being is human by design. The journey to better health and well-being starts with a healthy lifestyle. Acting before people get sick through a holistic and proactive approach that leverages intuitive knowledge and resources for individual and personal care, our communities have the power and responsibility to encourage healthy habits. All agents of society contribute to a human-friendly ecosystem that puts people first. Every touchpoint promotes empathy, equity and trust. Treating individuals as humans, creating more personalized and natural experiences, that's how the future of health and well-being is human by design. NTT: leading the way to a better life of health and well-being.


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