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Next-generation digital health platform helps predict, prevent, and manage chronic conditions

Self-insured employers, MA plans, and provider groups all have a common question: how should we care for our patient populations that have costly chronic conditions? The truth is, they have all been dipping their toes in the digital health pool, testing the waters to learn what solutions can monitor, measure, and manage this population while mitigating financial risk and actually engaging patients in their own selfcare, to become true partners in driving better health outcomes.


The launch of Milliman HealthIO’s next-generation digital health platform builds on the power of the Milliman brand in the healthcare data analytics space. Our world-class data algorithms and analysis helps each of these groups stratify their risk to identify who in their population should be actively engaged to help lower costs and improve outcomes. Organizations that work with Milliman HealthIO and deploy our app solution will know who to target and how to engage them through the use of vitals tracking and 1:1 personalized health coaching that will have tangible outcomes for both the health of chronically ill populations and the financial bottom line.

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Video transcript:

Sanjay Mohan: So the motivation of creation of HealthIO was helping aging patients health around the world deal with complex health issues as they progressed in age. As we went around looking for a solution, we realized that there's a gap in the market where most of us interact with the healthcare systems when something has already gone wrong, and hence HealthIO was created as a way to find means in which technology can be used to either predict as well as prevent the occurrence of the of the chronic condition 

Amelia Lisi: Healthcare has become a situation of sick care where someone feels ill, they go to the doctor and hopefully there's a medication or treatment or a therapy that can fix what's already happened. Working with HealthIO, we get to do the opposite. We get to prevent, we get to predict, we get to make sure that those bad things don't happen, and in turn we get to help people stay healthy, live longer, and enjoy their lives. 

Sanjay Mohan: We're excited about the next gen launch because this is the unveiling of Miliman HealthIO. Milliman's already a gold standard in the actual consulting space in the healthcare and insurance world. With the next gen launch, we combine the power of mobile and data from the home environment with the analytics capabilities of Milliman to provide the answer to the question which has been bothering all those chronic sufferers as to what's next, whether it's employers, whether it's medicare plans, whether it's providers, they struggle with the question around now that we know who's suffering from chronic conditions, who are the highest patients? The question always becomes what next? And Milliman HealthIO provides an answer to that what next?

Dave Neuman: We set out to create this unified solution that can be empowering, easy to use and enable individuals to take control of their health every day rather than you know only the times they go to the doctor's office. So whether it's tracking a medication, getting a reminder or even capturing that weight or blood pressure reading in the morning before heading off to work, the goal is to make that super super easy for them to do. So we've added features into our mobile app as an example to make it really easy one-click access to seeing what their tasks are for the day or being able to take a measurement if they feel something's off. 

Amelia Lisi: The information that our members generate, we are then able to share in a de-identified way with our clients and our customers this shows an overall view of the population, what their health is saying, what the numbers are saying. 

Dave Neuman: Our clients get a new level of intelligence that they may not have seen before. There's a certain amount of analytics that they routinely get through you know whether it's brokers or third party administrators and other partners related to health costs and their health plans but what we do is we come in and actually can give them real time intelligence as to what is the state of their population from a risk standpoint, how many are in a high risk versus low risk, what is the change of risk over time, not at an annual basis which is what traditionally our clients get, more kind of an annual snapshot or quarterly snapshot. We can actually provide them day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, views of trend changes within their population which can inform actions to be taken 

Amelia Lisi: With our next gen solution, we are able to predict and hopefully prevent adverse diagnoses for our members. This includes diabetes, this includes hypertension, and these diagnoses are key to cost containment because once those diagnoses hit a member, the costs rise exponentially. 

Sanjay Mohan: Miliman HealthIO's true north is prevention and management of chronic conditions. Our true north is driven by building a healthier society and we believe the next gen solution will make a difference for the healthcare consumer, the individuals, the family and friends, employers, providers, and life insurance companies and health plans all put together.



Sanjay MohanManaging Director, Milliman HealthIO

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