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How to Select a Healthcare Innovation Hub, Accelerator or Incubator

If you work in healthcare, whether you’re working on the frontlines or a scientist or technologist looking to advance science and systems designed to improve lives, chances are you’re all too familiar with how confusing it can be to navigate the industry. Countless healthcare startups rise and fall each year for any number of reasons, including poor leadership, a lack of real-time access to patients, a lack of funding or simply a failure to truly understand their target demographics. With the odds often stacked against their nascent startups, technologists often require some guidance when it comes to selecting a healthcare innovation hub, accelerator or incubator, as each comes with its own unique strengths. The question is - “Where to start?!” 

A physician-led innovation hub for ‘real world’ health innovation, Inflect Health is the innovation and investment hub of Vituity, a nationally-recognized network of 3,000 physicians, 2,000 advanced providers, 1,500 scribes, and over 300 hospitals, with frontline providers in some of the nation’s most acute care settings. With this deep experience in healthcare, along with its unparalleled access to health systems and industry players, Inflect Health connects capital to innovators and physicians, acting as a catalyst for real-time, real-world innovation and disruption unlike anyone else.

In this HLTH spotlight, Lindsay Kriger, MPH and Director of Operations at Inflect Health shares insights into the process of selecting the right guidance for budding healthcare startups as well as tips and tricks for technologists looking to break ground in the space.

About Inflect Health

Inflect Health is a catalyst for better care. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices across America, Inflect Health provides guidance and financial support to early-stage healthcare and healthtech companies building promising solutions that offer to meet the needs of today’s evolving healthcare landscape. With its robust access to frontline providers, health systems, and industry players, Inflect Health connects capital to innovators to physicians, catalyzing real-time, real-world innovation and disruption unlike anyone else. For more information on Inflect Health, including its portfolio, partners, services, and networking opportunities, visit or find Inflect Health on LinkedIn or Twitter @InflectHealth.



Lindsay Kriger, MPHDirector, Inflect

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