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Explore uncharted paths with Atlas, one insights platform to map all patient journeys

Estimates suggest that only 2 to 4MB of healthcare data is readily accessible per patient, which is insignificant when compared to the 8MB of data collected per smartphone photo. Yet, hidden within each patient’s health data are insights about a future disease, answers about whether a drug will be efficacious, and predictions about the outcome of a procedure. What if it was possible to harness the power of our collective health data to answer healthcare’s most complex business questions in an instant?

In this spotlight, Clarify Health’s CEO, Jean Drouin, MD, introduces the platform powering healthcare’s most innovative organizations as they move into uncharted territory. Dr. Drouin shares how the Clarify Atlas Platform is mapping over 300 million patient journeys to deliver 18B+ AI-powered predictions, which can be instantly accessed and analyzed via self-service cloud software applications. Creating a clean and accessible system of record for every patient journey allows Clarify’s customers to leverage big data efficiencies, machine learning, and AI to deliver insights that reduce medical errors, remove waste, and improve patient outcomes. Atlas puts on-demand business intelligence at the fingertips of providers, health plans, and life sciences companies, lighting the path to better care and outcomes.

Video transcript:

Jody Tropeano: Welcome to another HLTH Announcement Spotlight. Today I'm with the CEO of Clarify Health Solutions John Drouin who's here to share some exciting news with us today. Welcome, John.

John Drouin: Thank you, Jody.

Jody: So first off, let's get right to it. What is Clarify announcing?

John: So we're thrilled to announce Atlas, which is our healthcare and life sciences insights platform that connects and maps all of patient journeys and effectively what Atlas does is provide the same power and speed and precision of analytics that we've more typically associated with banking or consumer and ultimately the whole purpose of it is to enable healthcare providers and patients and families to achieve far more personalized and higher outcome care. 

Jody: So what's your secret to harnessing patient journey data for better insights?

John: So in healthcare, we talk a lot about systems of record, EMRs etc. What we've lacked is systems of self-service real-time insights about what's actually going on in the journey and the reason for that is interestingly we've never brought the full power and speed of analytics that you see either in sports, banking or the consumer industry to healthcare. Initially it was because we couldn't put enough big data together. That's been solved in the last couple of years. What you then need to do is to have the power in speed of Snowflake plus several other technologies to be able to deliver the machine learning and AI to ultimately get very precise and personalized insights about a single journey. Clarify, because of the background of our team who had built for Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and the big banks, their analytics platform, is the first true application end-to-end full stack of the enterprise analytics platform you need to get these kinds of individual journey insights in a way that's trusted by clinicians. 

Jody: What makes it different from what's on the market currently?

John: Sure. So effectively what Atlas is is more precise, faster access to insights that are actionable and ultimately that's what matters. Now, the way you get to that is you have to come in with as much clean data on patient journeys. Clarify brings over 300 million lives of an aggregate of claims, lab, prescription, EMR and critically social determinants of health data all at individual level. When many others when they're asking questions about health equity look at it at zip code. So already the incoming data set is far more comprehensive and far more precise. We then go through the automation of the cleaning and the readying of that data to be analyzed and the intelligence layer that we've developed that includes machine learning AI but also the processing power to take all of that data and instead of it taking weeks with people SQL querying and coming back with reports that still look like a spreadsheet, we're able to enable an analyst or a physician self-service in the moment to interrogate data to ask questions and come up with an insight to make a better decision.

Jody: Well thanks for joining us today and congratulations on the big impact that Clarify’s making in the health industry. We look forward to hearing more from you.

John: Thank you.

Jody: Thanks



Jean DrouinChief Executive Officer & Founder, Clarify Health

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