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Clinical workflow intelligence for enterprise solution: the combination of clinical data and science

Healthcare ecosystems have made great strides in the past decade towards digitizing various healthcare transactions and information. The potential of these digital assets presents a significant and as yet untapped opportunity to help elevate healthcare outcomes. 

At Roche, we are leveraging our expertise and experience with disease pathways, clinical science and data science to develop digital solutions that provide intelligent clinical care workflows for providers and patients, with focus on complex diseases and care settings. 

We focus our efforts on complex diseases and critical care in oncology, neurology, CVM, infectious diseases and others. In each of these areas, our digital solutions leverage healthcare data in real time, to create highly enriched longitudinal patient journeys that help enable better decisions at the point of care. 

Prolonged length of stay and readmissions are key problems across the disease spectrum for the U.S. healthcare system, with cardiovascular diseases and infections among the key driving factors:

  • >7M hospitalizations for infection1,2,3,4
  • 1 in 4 HF readmitted within 30 days of discharge and 50% are readmitted w/in 6 months7
  • HF is the leading cause of hospitalizations and mortality (>655,000 deaths in US each year)5
  • Up to 25% of pneumonia readmitted3
  • Length of Stay ~3 days longer with infection 

At Roche, we want to help with a multi-disease configurable platform to improve quality across the care continuum for different disease areas at enterprise level*. This platform will take care of 3 specific aspects:

  • Hospital analytics: to measure/track operational, financial, clinical KPIs
  • In-hospital care navigation: to focus on Length of Stay, readmissions, guideline adherence
  • Remote patient monitoring: to tackle readmissions, costs & detect patient deterioration

To address the clinical depth and breadth need, this solution* will cover a wide range of clinical disease areas from cardiovascular disease to acute infections allowing also the user to benefit from agnostic tools for generalized deterioration surveillance and length of stay management.


*product currently in development and not available for sales



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Sukhveer SinghHead of Healthcare Insights, Roche Information Solutions, Vaalia Health

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