Wednesday, Sep 27, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

2023 Healthcare Executive Workforce Trends Survey

With healthcare facilities and health systems struggling to meet personnel requirements, executives are looking for unique and innovative ways to boost recruitment and retention rates. Healthcare systems are reducing their reliance on traditional travel solutions as the sector has reduced contract labor by as much as 35% in 2023. Many health systems are exploring balancing alternative workforce models including tech enablement of internal float pools, gap shift management, and on-demand marketplace platforms, which allow facilities to utilize a supply of local, latent healthcare professionals to fill open shifts. 


ShiftMed is sharing the findings of its 2023 Healthcare Executive Workforce Trends Survey. The survey’s results, compiled directly from hospital executives across the country, reveal critical workforce trends that will ultimately shape the future of the healthcare workforce.


Key findings include:

  • 98% of healthcare executives are using or considering at least one alternative staffing model (third-party agency, workforce management marketplace, internal labor pool)
  • Healthcare leaders that use or are considering a workforce marketplace were most interested in the following:
  1. Full-time recruitment 77%
  2. Credentialing and onboarding 70%
  3. Internal employee float pools 52%
  4. Education technology 41%
  • Healthcare executives identified the two largest challenges they experience in utilizing travel nurses in their health systems:
  1. 66% said travel nurses were too expensive to train and maintain
  2. 45% said travel nurses were disruptive to company culture and employed staff
  3. 67% of executives believe in providing nurses with the flexibility to work wherever and whenever they want.

ShiftMed partners with top health systems including SSM Health, Presbyterian Healthcare Services, and Hennepin Healthcare to address challenges like budget constraints, recruitment, and flexibility in healthcare. SSM Health has saved $85 million and fills over 8,000 shifts per month through the ShiftMed platform.


ShiftMed has also forged partnerships with notable technology partners including UberHealth and Dignity Health Global Education to provide transportation and education resources to its pool of 350,000 healthcare professionals.


Join Todd Walrath, CEO of ShiftMed, and Jody Tropeano, HLTH’s Director of Content, for a conversation about the trends shaping the future of healthcare labor and how vendors are tailoring their approaches to meet today’s demand. 


Learn more about the survey’s findings and ShiftMed’s approach here.



Todd WalrathCEO, Shiftmed

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