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Startups are attending HLTH 2023

Health and wellness startups are riding the wave of emerging opportunities in a volatile economic market. As the environment tries to stabilize, these companies are learning to adapt, innovate, and strive for resilience amidst the ebbs and flows. Startups that can demonstrate measurable improvements in patient outcomes are increasingly sought after with the adoption of data analytics and machine learning technologies to track, predict, and improve patient health outcomes. The accelerated growth of wearable technologies has created a fertile ground for startups in healthcare. Additionally, there is a surge of startups focused on mental health fueled by the global pandemic which has gained momentum in the workplace. 

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Why startups should attend HLTH 2023

At HLTH 2023, we will hear from the leadership teams of startups as they share their innovations that deliver convenient, personalized, cost-effective solutions that are attracting significant interest from investors and strategic partners. Investment firms will also share their forthcoming strategies who may even serve as future partners for many promising startups in attendance at the event. 

Our Startup Pitch competitions will shine a light on entrepreneurs and startups seeking to gain momentum and win prize money that can fuel their growth. A diverse panel of industry expert judges will choose finalists selected to appear at the show. Immerse yourself in the excitement as we are hosting 3 pitch competitions - The HLTH Startup Pitch, Making Aging Easier Pitch Competition by the AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP, and the WELL by HLTH Startup Pitch.

In the current economic climate, HTLH 2023 has become even more essential as a destination to accelerate connections and leverage the matchmaking opportunities in our vibrant community. The Funding Founders Program pairs startup executives with credible investors in 1:1, and double opt-in meetings intended to drive real deals that move the needle.


Transitioning your product idea to a scalable solution for health systems, providers, pharma and life sciences, payers and employers.

✔ Interpreting measurable insights that provide evidence of improvements to chronic conditions, quality, affordability and accessibility to care. 

Selecting the right clinical team and expertise to advocate the business and brand.

Containing costs while differentiating revenue streams to survive in a challenging climate of layoffs, inflation, and reductions in venture funding.

Articulating value and building trust with prospective customers, and establishing key metrics to evaluate success.

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Here's a snapshot of who's attending HLTH 2023:

Entrepreneurs | Co-Founders | CEOs | Chief Technology Officers | Business Development Executives | Marketing Executives | Partnership Development Leads | Chief Medical Officers | Product Development Leads | Clinical Care Leaders | Customer Success Managers | Digital Health Executives | Innovators of Care | Presidents | CFOs and MORE

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Event Programs You May Be Interested In

As part of the HLTH 2023 attendee experience, we have curated recommended programs and activities that we believe will optimize your event journey and help accelerate your business goals.

Funding Founders

Participate in a 1:1, double opt-in matchmaking program pairing healthcare technology startup executives with investors in a series of 15-minute meetings. All meetings are investor driven.

The Startup

Join one (or all three) of the startup pitches at HLTH 2023, which will provide emerging, game-changing healthcare technology companies an opportunity to pitch a panel of expert judges.

HLTH Connect

Find attendees with similar interests through the event app to expand your network and reserve a dedicated time slot within the HLTH Connect Lounge to align around common business interests.

Curated Sessions for Startups

Experience your curated journey at HLTH 2023.

Join your peers and the healthcare ecosystem at HLTH 2023 for a curated experience designed around your interests and goals.

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