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Pharma is attending HLTH 2023

Pharma and life science companies are making strides examining new uses for digitization, data, and collaborating with others, as this sector continues to expand decentralized trials by using new applications to advance drug discoveries. AI and machine learning combined with a robust digital strategy are vital to expediting clinical trials and new product launches that will enable more personalized treatments to improve outcomes for patients.

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Why pharma should attend HLTH 2023

At HLTH 2023, we will discuss ways to further leverage digital technologies and data analysis to improve results across the entire care continuum while collaborating with a wide range of other stakeholders including patients, providers, digital health startups, biotech, and more to create a more inclusive approach to health. As new models are being established in the industry, there is also an important emphasis on health equity addressing disparities to prevent any misrepresentation of certain populations, provide access to care, and a need for a greater push towards diversity when developing clinical trials.

This year we are debuting our first Pharma Insights Program as leaders in biotech, research and development, other innovators, come together to shape the future of drug development and solve complex clinical research issues to enable predictive modeling that will pave the way for personalized medicine.

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Accelerating recruitment of patients using AI to automate population selection and data collection.

✔ Decentralizing clinical trials and monitoring symptoms in real-time with devices to make drug development more efficient. 

Adopting remote patient monitoring to advance clinical trials and identify digital biomarkers for disease tracking.

Understanding predictive analytics to identify new patterns that will improve medication adherence, estimate risks, and patient outcomes.

Leveraging machine learning to discover new patterns and complexities to expand upon new therapeutics.

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Here's a snapshot of who's attending HLTH 2023:

Research and Development Executives | Clinical Trial and Medical Affairs Executives | Regulatory and Compliance Leaders | Product Management | Marketing Executives | Digital Health Executives | Partnership Leaders | Strategy and Planning Executives | Patient Safety Executives and MORE

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The NEW HLTH Pharma Insights Program, in partnership with Fierce Pharma, will explore practical applications, challenges and benefits of digital technologies. (Included within your HLTH 2023 registration)

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