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Payers are attending HLTH 2023

Navigating the nuanced healthcare landscape remains a complex endeavor for many payer organizations as they tackle rising healthcare costs, changing demographics, and persistent pressures for affordable, accessible and efficient service delivery. Yet, these pressures have also precipitated a series of transformative trends, with payers exploring new ways to leverage technology, data analytics, improve communications, and create more patient-centered strategies to exceed members' demands. Healthcare equity and price transparency have also gained increased attention from patients while payers' aim to reduce health disparities and promote value-based care.

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Why payers should attend HLTH 2023

At HLTH 2023, payers will discover the inner workings of their selection process for uncovering new technologies, educating its members, and being mindful of health equity to stay well-positioned in the market while improving upon their quality star ratings and sustaining their growth. AI and machine learning continue to play a critical role in reshaping operations and reimbursement with an effort for health systems to become more efficient and cost-effective. 

There is evidence of continued expansion and investments into new digital tools and services for payers seeking to attract and retain members. Many new virtual technologies are promising greater access and convenience, improvements to care coordination, home care services, and reducing the cost of claims for employers. These are just some of the conversations that will be prevalent in and around the show floor at HLTH 2023.

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Encouraging collaboration and innovative partnerships to reduce health disparities, enhance accessibility and affordability.

✔ Personalizing member communications that foster higher engagement, price transparency, and further education on screenings.

Focusing on ongoing regulatory changes, enhancements to claims processing and other procedures, fraud detection, and risk adjustment.

Considering new pharmacy services to generate revenue and potentially lower overall drug spend.

Evaluating robust analytics tools to track patient outcomes, manage population health, and identify areas for improvement.

Addressing gaps with mental health coverage and evaluating new entrants in the market focused on employee well-being and prevention.

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Here's a snapshot of who's attending HLTH 2023:

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